dignitas versus GPlay | 02/03/2015

dignitas GPlay
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Date League Match type
02/03/2015 SLTV StarSeries XII Best-of-Three


de_mirage de_dust2 de_inferno
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CSGO Lounge Odds Egaming bets Odds Our Odds Our Pick Risk level
70% / 30% 1.27 / 3.1 60% / 40% Dignitas  9/10



Last time we saw Dignitas playing was in Katowice qualifiers where they won other Danish squad ESC 16-11 on de_mirage, lost to Vox Eminor 13-16 on de_inferno and got smashed by Kabum 3-16 on de_inferno. From this we can take that their map is definitely not de_inferno. Dignitas has been playing pretty mediocre lately even though they have some talents in face of aizy, Kjaerbye and Pimp who can carry the game themselves, however if they are not on point, then Dignitas will most likely lose. Taking into consideration performances of these two teams, we’re giving a bit of an advantage to Dignitas, because we think that they will be hungry for wins and have been practicing since failing to qualify in Katowice.


Gplay is a Balkan team with a lot of potentional, however their performance wasn’t that great lately. This team has been accused of cheating online, because on LAN they’re playing worse than online and the fact that two of their members (spyLeader and dr3am3r) have VAC bans on their main accounts makes everyone think that they’re cheating. Their latest two games were against new Swedish squad and myXMG. Gplay lost both of these games losing 1-2 against myXMG and got smashed by 4-16 on de_cache. Their performance was very bad as of late and we think that Dignitas has an advantage going into this match up, because Dignitas is definitely stronger team than or myXMG.

Conclusion: We expect Dignitas to win 2-0 in a close BO3 series, however an inventory cleaning bet is also an option to bet on GPlay considering that they’re a pretty good tier-2 team overall.
Suggestion: Don’t go all-in. This is a match where you shouldn’t go all in. Rather bet a low/medium bet on Dignitas.

Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose! Good luck in your bets!


  1. STARS STARS says:

    What we’ve learned from this match?

    Dignitas is bad on de_mirage. Taking only 7 rounds on CT side? It’s not good at all. GPlay took an advantage of them, won almost every gun round and just played better overall. On T side Dignitas showed some great plays, but again, it wasn’t enough. They lost all the key rounds and it pretty much did cost them the map.

    On de_dust2 they looked a lot stronger, taking 9 rounds on CT side and after switching sides winning 16:09 convincingly on T side. Nothing to say here, great plays by them.

    On de_inferno it was a disaster. They were losing 0/5 on T side, won 1 round, lost a following one and then took some gun rounds to finish the half 6/9 in favour of GPlay. When they switched to CT side – they lost a pistol round. They had to win a pistol round, but they didn’t and that cost them 3 rounds and in the end it was 6/12 in favour of GPlay. They won first four of their buyrounds and it was already 10/12 and looked very promising, however they lost 3 upcoming rounds and it was 10/15 in favour of GPlay. After that they took a couple of rounds, but fell short and in the end lost 12/16 on the final map.

    This was a high risk bet because of their performance lately, but I thought that they’ve already recovered and practiced since failing in Katowice Qualifiers. Well, I guess it was my fault thinking that they will actually win this. aizy did perform very, very bad in the last map, same goes to FeTiSh. Kjaerbye was on point, but it wasn’t enough.

    Lost items:

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