Volgare versus | 02/03/2015

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Date League Match type
02.03.2015 GamePlan Pro League Best-of-One


CSGO de_cache


CSGO Lounge Odds Egaming bets Odds Our Odds Our Pick Risk level
61% / 39% 1.6 / 2.1 50% / 50% GGWP.Pro 10/10



This team has been showing some great results recently beating 2-0 neXtPlease! and iNation, and also beating ESC yesterday in a 16-3 fashion taking 12 rounds on T side at de_mirage. Despite all of this they fell short against German myXMG squad yesterday 7-14 even though they started on CT side on de_nuke, and managed to take only 7 rounds on CT side. The game is not over yet due to the ddos issues, but it’s pretty obvious that they will lose and will not likely comeback from 7 round deficit. This team definitely has some strong tactics and executes, and might upset today. We think that skill wise they are a bit worse than

This is a Belarusian team that has been picked up by Latvian/Russian organisation “” and since then they’ve been showing mediocre results, althought they won PiTER 2-1 in a BO3 series. After that they’ve won against Check6 2-1 (also known as and another Belarusian squad Evolution 2-0 in maps. These teams are pretty good in CIS region. After that everyone got really dissapointed by after they loss against some unknown team called “Exploders” with a pretty famous CIS caster FANAT_ROCKA. Althought this team has had mixed results, we still give them advantage due to the fact that it’s a BO1 and these teams are pretty close skill-wise/tactical-wise even though we think that skill-wise is slightly better.

Conclusion: These teams are pretty equal, but we’re giving an edge to because they’ve been showing greater results lately despite the loss against Exploders.

Our suggestion: We consider this match as 50%/50% considering the fact that it’s a BO1, but we’re giving an edge to, because we think that they are slightly better skill-wise and it’s a 50%/50% game where everything can happen. Also the fact that Volgare’s performance wasn’t the greatest against myXMG, we think that should’ve an edge here. We advice you to bet a low bet on

Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose! Good luck in your bets!

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  1. STARS STARS says:

    What we’ve learned from this match? Answer is simple – skip, but oh well, a little analysis below. just can’t play against teams from different countries, they can only play within CIS with some tier-3 teams. zonR and roman were underperforming like crazy while their awp’er was dropping 30 bomb in 20 rounds despite the fact that they lost most of the rounds. They’re horrible on T side, however a bit better on CT side.

    If we would’ve known that minise will play for Volgare, we wouldn’t have betted on GGWP.Pro, as minise made a huge impact on the game.

    What about Volgare? Again I saw a lot of sketchy plays by flashie. I’m almost sure that he’s using some kind of a software but I’m not sure. I will have a close eye on him in the next game. Their CT side on de_inferno was strong and they almost didn’t give a chance for to get some rounds on the board winning convincingly 12-3 in the first half.

    Lost bet:

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