HellRaisers versus FlipSid3 Tactics | 02/03/2015

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Date League Match type
02/03/2015 SLTV StarSeries XII Best-of-Three


de_cache de_mirage de_inferno
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CSGO Lounge Odds Egamingbets Odds Our Odds Our Pick Risk level
56% / 44% 1.64 / 2.1 50% / 50%  FlipSid3 Tactics 10/10



Last time when we saw their performance was two games against mousesports (mouz had two stand-ins in those games) and their performance was pretty mediocre winning 16-5 de-dust2, but falling short on de_cache 9-16. Considering the fact that mouz had two stand-ins, HellRaisers had to win pretty much both games easily, but they won only one of those. As I said, their performance is pretty mediocre and this team is fairly inconsistent when it comes to online matches. Releasing s1mple and markeloff to bring in AdreN and flamie was not a right choice, because s1mple was carrying them in most of the matches and now it seems like they’re not doing that great without him. If they are not bootcamping, then Kazakhstanian player AdreN will have around 100 ping which is a bad thing.

FlipSid3 Tactics

FlipSid3 Tactics has been doing bad lately losing 4 matches in a row. 0-2 against Virtus.Pro was a huge blow for them, because they had that game in the bag, but ddos happened and they had to play with a stand-in without their ingame leader in the last game. TSM crashed FlipSid3 0-2 in maps without even giving them a chance of winning. EnVyUS literally crashed them on de_inferno 2-16, but that was because WorldEdit and s1mple were both playing really poorly. We expected EnVyUS to win, but we expected a lot closer game than that. Probably the biggest dissapointment lately for this team is that they lost a BO3 game against Copenhagen Wolves 0-2 in maps. Copenhagen Wolves played that game with a stand-in “Snappi” who is not even a professional player, however he managed to out-awp both s1mple and WorldEdit.

All in all we believe that FlipSid3 is still a better team than HellRaisers, because they’ve a really good ingame leader, a very good dedicated awp’er and two great riflers. This will be a very close game and it will be basically a war, because FlipSid3 is hungry for wins and they really want to qualify for all the LAN events possible since they joined this organisation.

It’s 10 days before the Katowice starts and as we all know, F3 is playing will play with a stand-in “DavCost” in Katowice. We don’t know how well this team is prepared with s1mple, but we still think that they’ve a really good chance of winning this BO3 considering the fact that s1mple and WorldEdit are better awp’ers than kucheR, markeloff and bondik are great rifles who could win this game alone if they step up and B1ad3 who’s overall a better ingame leader than ANGE1 from HellRaisers.

Conclusion: We expect FlipSid3 Tactics to win this BO3 series 2-1 in maps.
Suggestion: Don’t go all in on this match, as this is probably riskiest match to bet on today. We’d suggest a low bet on FlipSid3 considering it’s a 50%/50% game.

Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose! Good luck in your bets!

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  1. STARS STARS says:

    What we’ve learned from this match?

    FlipSid3 has a very strong de_cache and they proved it against HellRaisers, however this is not HellRaisers map as they even manged to lose against mouz earlier last week. WorldEdit is a beast on de_cache and his awping today was on point, as he did shut down almost all the pushes from HellRaisers on A site. s1mple also played really great with help of great riflers markeloff and bondik. B1ad3 did a great job on making calls on T side and everyone was just on point in this map.

    On de_mirage it looked like they’re not as good anymore in the first half making a lot of mistakes on their CT side. They had to do a lot of eco rounds because they were losing almost every second/third buy round and couldn’t afford to buy an awp as often. On T side however despite losing the pistol round, they came in strong in aim duels and were winning most of them. Bondik won an important 1v2 round, same as s1mple and these two rounds decided the winner in the end.

    Great play by FlipSid3, I’m really surprised and looking forward to see them at Katowice, but sadly they will be playing with DavCost instead of s1mple due to the s1mple’s ESL ban which will last untill 2016th.


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