Titan versus | 02/03/2015

Titan  Virtus.Pro
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Date League Match type
02.03.2015 ESEA Invite Season 18 Europe Best-of-One


CSGO de_nuke


CSGO Lounge Odds Egaming bets Odds Our odds Our Pick Risk level
31% / 69% 2.52 / 1.43 40% / 60% Virtus.Pro 8/10



Historically Titan has been one of the best de_nuke teams, but since the French shuffle they seem to struggle on this map a lot. Latest result would be loss against TSM 3-16. They played that really bad and couldn’t manage to do anything on T side, neither on CT side. They have been playing mediocre lately winning only 2 of their last 5 matches. They started to struggle in Katowice qualifiers where they struggled against PiTER and only barely won 28-26 (might be mistaken in score), and after that lost 14-16 de_dust2 to CLG. Their poor performance continued by losing to Polish squad Gamers2 6-16 on de_dust2 which used to be their strongest map and after that they lost 3-16 to TSM. Yesterday they played poorly against fnatic only taking 5 rounds on CT side on de_cache and in the end they lost 8-16, however after than they won against Natus Vincere on de_cache 16-10. They lost a lot of anti-eco rounds against Natus Vincere, but still managed to win. In that game they played mediocre and RPK was the one who stepped up big time. They can only win this game if they step up big time all together with kennyS and apEX dropping 25-30 bomb each.


Virtus.Pro has been on fire lately winning almost all their matches except against Gamers2 where they fell short 14-16 on de_dust2 even though they had a 14-11 lead. A lot of mistakes were made in that match, for example, losing a bunch of anti-eco and half buy rounds. Other than that they seem to be really stepping up their game and being on point before Katowice. Their latest games on de_nuke were against TSM and FlipSid3 Tactics. They lost to TSM 12-16 and won against FlipSid3 Tactics 16-14. To be honest, their performance on de_nuke was very mediocre, but that’s probably because they’re saving their strategies for Katowice. Also in this game is a factor that VP needs to win this game to have a chance to qualify for ESEA LAN tournament in Dallas and they’ll focus 100% to win this game.

Conclusion: We think that Virtus.Pro will win this game with a score of 16:12
Suggestion: This is a high risk game, because Titan can upset, but we’d suggest putting low/medium bet on Virtus.Pro

Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose! Good luck in your bets!

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  1. STARS STARS says:

    What we’ve learned from this match?

    Virtus.Pro has a superior CT side. They only allowed Titan to take 3 rounds on their T side, and one of them was given due to the fact that Virtus.Pro had an eco round, however Virtus.Pro demolished Titan in the last round. Titan isn’t as good as they used to be simply because awp’er like kennyS can’t really play as good as he plays on maps like de_dust2, because nuke has a lot of close quarters. On T side Virtus.Pro lost a pistol round which lead to 12-6 and then lost a couple of gun rounds and it lead to 12-8, but after that they took a couple, broke Titan’s economy and finished the game in 16-8 fashion taking four rounds in a row on their T side. Great play by them.

    Titan has to step up and practice more if they want to win a top3 placing in Katowice, which is highly unlikely with their performance last lately.


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