Virtus.Pro versus Natus Vincere | 02/03/2015

Virtus.Pro Natus Vincere
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Date League Match type
02.03.2015 ESEA Invite Season 18 Europe Best-of-One


CSGO de_cache


CSGO Lounge Odds Egaming bets Odds Our odds Our Pick Risk level
81% / 19% – / - 70% / 30% Virtus.Pro 7/10



As we saw yesterday – Virtus.Pro is a great de_cache team and they have this map in their map pool while Natus Vincere doesn’t or they just don’t want to show their tactics yet. In my opinion this should be a relatively safe bet, because we saw Natus Vincere’s game on de_cache yesterday against Titan and it wasn’t that impressive. People are saying that the chain-logic is the worst logic, but all in all Virtus.Pro is just better team on this particular map with more strategies and better map knowledge.

Natus Vincere showed some great eco rounds yesterday and GuardiaN was playing great with his awp, but it wasn’t enough, because de_cache is a teamplay based map and you can’t win it playing a pug style game. We’re giving an advantage to Virtus.Pro in this particular map, however we think that Natus Vincere will put up some rounds on the scoreboard!

Our suggestion: Or suggestion is to either bet medium/high on Virtus.Pro due to high odds, skip this game or betting a few bucks on Natus Vincere in hopes that they will win this map, which is highly unlikely.

Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose! Good luck in your bets!


  1. STARS STARS says:

    What we have learned from this game?

    Pretty much we didn’t expect Natus Vincere to win and it was quite obvious that Virtus.Pro will win, because this is one of the maps that they are playing. Great job by them. Hopefully Natus Vincere will practice this map untill Katowice.

    Great job by Virtus.Pro

    I didn’t personally bet on this match as odds were too high.

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