Volgare versus X6tence | 02/03/2015

Volgare X6tence
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Date League Match type
02.03.2015 GamePlan Pro League Best-of-One


CSGO de_mirage


CSGO Lounge Odds Egaming bets Odds Our odds Our Pick Risk level
32% / 68% 2.55 / 1.4 45% / 55% x6tence 9/10



This team has been showing some great results recently beating 2-0 neXtPlease! and iNation, and also beating ESC yesterday in a 16-3 fashion taking 12 rounds on T side at de_mirage. Despite all of this they fell short against German myXMG squad yesterday 7-14 even though they started on CT side on de_nuke, and managed to take only 7 rounds on CT side. The game is not over yet due to the ddos issues, but it’s pretty obvious that they will lose and will not likely comeback from 7 round deficit. This team definitely has some strong tactics and executes, and might upset today.


This team is previously known as OverGaming. Masters of upsets. They have upset a lot of top teams and they continue to do so. Recently they have beaten Volgare 16-12 on de_cache, 16-10 on de_nuke, 2-1 in maps against myXMG squad and fell short 1-2 against Polish Gamers2 squad. This is a pretty strong statement that they are not playing to lose. Considering this match-up is a BO1, we still think that X6tence is a better team overall with great tactics and teamwork. Their aim is pretty good and if Musamban1, Kairi and Flipin are on point, then Volgare will not stand a chance, however if few of X6tence members will have a bad day – this will be duable for Volgare.

Our suggestion: We consider this match as 50%/50% considering the fact that it’s a BO1, but we’re giving an edge to X6tence, because they seem to be a better team overall compared to Volgare’s CS:GO squad. We advice you to bet a low/medium bet on X6tence or if you feel ballsy – you can bet a low bet on Volgare. Upset is always a possibility.

Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose! Good luck in your bets!


  1. ummahusla ummahusla says:

    Yesterday volgrade has shown a quite good performance against ESC, and today odds for volgrade are very sexy.. how about #yolo?

  2. STARS STARS says:

    What we’ve learned from this match up?

    X6tence has a pretty good CT side and some good retakes, however once they lose a few players – they don’t know what to do. The other thing is that it’s hard for them to play against fast paced teams, meaning that if the enemy team decides to rush fast – X6tence pretty much doesn’t know what to do in this kind of situation.
    Another thing is that they lose anti-ecos/against force buys quite often which is a bad thing for them.

    Volgare is a pretty sketchy team. Their member flashie looked pretty much like he’s using some illegal software. Overall this team is a pretty good tier2 team (if they’re not using some kind of software) and they definitely can compete against tier2 teams. Their CT side is pretty good on this map and their holds are very nice, but they struggle to play against slow-paced teams.


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