X6tence versus Orbit | 02/03/2015

X6tence Orbit


Date League Match type
02/03/2015 RGN Intercontinental Cup: Europe Best-of-Three


de_cache de_mirage de_inferno
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CSGO Lounge Odds Egamingbets Odds Our Odds Our Pick Risk level
35% / 65% 1.47 / 2.41 45% / 55%  Orbit 9/10



X6tence is definitely a great team and no doubt about that, however they lack consistency. Any day, any time they can manage to either win against a top5 team or lose against a tier-3 team and that’s why they’re known as “upset masters”. Again, as in previous prediction, seeing their last matches seems like they’ve been doing pretty good winning volgare, myXMG, Vination and they fellow Spanish team Wizards. They lost against Gamers2 in a BO3 series taking off a map of them 1-2, but it was a great game and they showed that they’re a strong tier2 team. In our opinion odds are skewed, because these teams are pretty much on equal skill-level.


In fact this team is more like a “mix” than a real team, because they’re always changing their lineup, but hey – they’ve pyth and SKYTTEN who can win the game themselves if they are on point. Last couple of games were pretty pretty good for them. Winning some Swedish mix in a close game 16-14, winning Danish team “No Problem!” 2-0 in a BO3 series, winning k1ck and onBOTS 16-11 and 16-8, but these teams aren’t as great as X6tence in our opinion and that’s why the odds are 45%/55% for Orbit because of RAW skill of pyth, skytten and maxie.

Conclusion: We expect Orbit to win in a close BO3 – 2/1 for Orbit.
Suggestion: Skip or low bet on either team. This is one of the riskiest bets tonight, so please, don’t bet high!

Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose! Good luck in your bets!

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  1. STARS STARS says:

    What we’ve learned from this match?

    Orbit is definitely a strong team, but they lack teamwork. On de_cache we saw a pretty good showing on their T side and a good CT side rounds, however they also lost quite a bit of anti-ecos. Jumpy with that 1v2 clutch in the end pretty much won them the game, because after that round X6tence was money screwed. Great play by Orbit despite losing those anti-ecos and they have to work on it more.

    On de_mirage Orbit couldn’t find their game. They’re usually pretty good on inferno, but this X6tence showed them how to play that T side by winning 12-3 on T side and then finish off Orbit 3-16. Great individual play by X6tence.

    On de_inferno Orbit started off strong picking up the pistol round and couple of buy rounds making it 6/0 on the T side. After that they did lose a buy round, buy brought it back with winning one right after. After that they started to struggle by losing an anti-eco (again), however picked up the following round. BUT, AGAIN, THEY LOST AN ANTI-ECO. Because of this the half ended 9-6 in their favour with them having a tec-9 + kevlar/armor rush on banana shooting them headshots. CT side was strong overall, some flashy plays and some stupid mistakes by them losing some 3v3, 3v2 etc. situations. All in all – Great game by both teams!


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