dignitas versus Volgare | 03/03/2015

Dignitas volgare
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Date League Match type
03/03/2015  CCS Kick-off Season Closed Qualifier #2 Best-of-Three


de_mirage de_inferno  de_cache
CSGO de_mirage // 150w // 100w // 90w // 32w" sizes="(max-width: 200px) 100vw 200px" /> CSGO de_inferno2 CSGO de_cache


CSGO Lounge Odds Egaming bets Odds Our Odds Our Pick Risk level
72% / 28% – / – 60% / 40%  Dignitas 9/10



Yesterday Dignitas didn’t show anything we expected to see. Losing a de_mirage on CT side is always tough with a lot of mistakes and a lot of eco rounds. On de_dust2 they showed a completely different game where they dominated even though score was 16-9. Volgare however lost in a close game against X6tence and won against GGWP. I wouldn’t count that GGWP game since they played with a stand-in who made a huge difference (G2 minise). I think this one should be a close game, but Dignitas will definitely come out on top in this despite losing to GPlay yesterday.

Prediction: Dignitas will win 2:0 in maps with scores 16:12, 16:11
Suggestion: Medium bet on Dignitas because of the odds or skip.

Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose. Good luck with your bets!

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  1. STARS STARS says:

    What we’ve learned from this match?

    Dignitas can play de_mirage and they’re actually good at it. Probably yesterday they had a bad day or GPlay countered them pretty hard, however today we see different Dignitas. Volgare played bad and couldn’t do anything on CT side on de_mirage only taking 3 rounds on it. Nico was on point on T side and destroyed everyone with his AWP. aizy was on point with his AK, some really sick headshots. Pimp on fire as always. Well played by them.

    Dignitas is good on T side on de_inferno, but they’re very bad on CT side. I don’t know why though, as they’ve got very good riflers and they aren’t that brainless, but oh well, their CT side is kind of bad. Anyway, Pimp carried a lot of rounds, so did Nico and Kjaerbye. Great teamplay on T side, poor performance on CT side. GG’s anyway!


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