NiP versus FlipSid3 Tactics | 03/03/2015


Date League Match type
03/03/2015 SLTV StarSeries XII Best-of-Three


de_mirage de_cache de_inferno
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CSGO Lounge Odds Egaming bets Odds Our Odds Our Pick Risk level
83% / 17% 1.22 / 3.38  70% / 30%  NiP 8/10


The most important thing in this, is – Winners will qualify for the LAN finals.
We all know that Ninjas in Pyjamas just added allu to their roster a month ago and they are doing quite alright with him. Obviously they would want to qualify for the lan finals and win them, and be on top again like they used to, however FlipSid3 Tactics isn’t a bad team and they can put up a fight, but will it be enough for F3 to take down Ninjas in Pyjamas? No, unfortunately. NiP is on another level. If this would be a BO1 game, then FlipSid3 would’ve a lot of more chances to win, but in a BO3 they’ve almost no chance despite the fact how great they are.

Ninjas in Pyjamas played Copenhagen Wolves a couple of days ago and totally crashed them 16/0 on de_cache and 16:10 on de_mirage (might be mistaken). This is a strong statement from them. Everyone is currently playing very well on their team, even Xizt stepped up a big time for them. FlipSid3 however just won HellRaisers in a BO3 series to have a chance to qualify for the StarSeries 16:05 on de_cache and 16:14 on de_mirage making a huge comeback on T side. This is also a strong statement that they’re ready to fight everyone.

Prediction: Ninjas in Pyjamas will win FlipSid3 Tactics in a close Best-Of-Three – 2/1 in maps.
Suggestion: Medium/High bet on Ninjas in Pyjamas or skip, because anything below than that will be not worth it as the odds are high. If you strongly believe that FlipSid3 Tactics can manage to take Ninjas in Pyjamas down, then you can put a couple of bucks on them.


  1. ummahusla ummahusla says:

    Will be interesting to watch. NiP is showing a good performance, so it’s should be 2:0, but it depends on the map pick.

    CSGL and Egamingbets Odds are screwed, so it’s better SKIP, imo.

  2. ECOISTINEL says:

    In Simple we believe ~

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