Copenhagen Wolves versus Titan | 04/03/2015

Copenhagen Wolves  Titan
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Date League Match type
04/03/2015 ESEA Invite Season 18 Europe Best-of-One


CSGO de_season


CSGO Lounge Odds Egaming bets Odds Our Pick Our Odds Risk level
22% / 78% 3.0 / 1.28 Titan 30% / 70% 7/10


Titan has been playing mediocre lately, althought they’ve a strong firepower on their side in face of apEX and kennyS, but mainly they lost because they played de_nuke twice against Virtus.Pro and TSM, and de_cache against fnatic. Titan isn’t playing de_nuke as much anymore as they used to and that made them lose those games, but overall they’re still a great team. I personally think that they will win de_season, because Ex6TenZ is a CS:S player and a mastermind. We don’t play season in competitive games in Europe, but in NA they do and Titan didn’t even pracc this map as of late, so didn’t CPH Wolves. I think that Titan is a better team overall and the fact that Ex6TenZ is an ex-CS:S player will make a huge impact on this game with tactics/rotations etc.

Prediction: Titan will win 16:10 against Copenhagen Wolves
Suggestion: Medium/High on Titan or very low bet on CPH Wolves in hopes of an upset.

Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose! Good luck in your bets!

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