EasyCSGOBets – We need your feedback!

What’s up guys! Today is the fourth day since we started our journey as a “wannabe CSGO analytics” and I think we are doing well. According to our statistics we’ve got 14 out of 16 (87.5%). We are really trying to provide most valuable analysis of each game. EasyCSGOBets was developed as a hobby and everyone from the team has job/college/family duties, so we can take in focus all games. Like yesterday it was 12 games in the evening. We took 6-7 most valuable and important matches. We are trying to be focused on quality, not quantity.

We came up with an idea, to write a comment after each Analsys and Prediction with an after-game feedback. We called it “What we’ve learnt from this match”. We hope that it’s going to help everyone, to get some feedback and match evaluation, even if you didn’t watched the game.

At this stage, we want to ask everyone for feedback. It could be design, game analysis, or anything else connected with what we are doing. Please feel free to leave the feedback in the comments or you can use our Contact Us form. Thank you in advance!


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  1. b0r1ng says:

    Well, the idea is great and the way that it is presented is also quite interesting, i sincerely hope you will be able to keep this project up and running for a longer time than some of the previous ones. Anyway – good luck.

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