Natus Vincere versus GGWP | 04/03/2015

Natus Vincere GGWP
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Date League Match type
04/03/2015 SLTV StarSeries XII Best-of-Three


de_cache  de_mirage de_dust2
CSGO de_cache // 150w // 100w // 90w // 32w" sizes="(max-width: 200px) 100vw 200px" />.CSGO de_mirage  CSGO de_dust2


CSGO Lounge Odds Egaming bets Odds Our Pick Our Odds Risk level
9% / 91% 1.2 / 3.5 Natus Vincere  80% / 20% 6 / 10


In the last couple of days both teams had some games and Natus Vincere played a lot better than GGWP.Pro did. This is a BO3 match and Natus Vincere shouldn’t have any problems winning here, because GGWP.Pro isn’t even near the level that Natus Vincere has. Natus Vincere played pretty good considering they played the maps they don’t usually play. They took 10 rounds off of fnatic on de_inferno, took 10 rounds off of Titan on de_cache, and took 9 rounds off of Virtus.Pro also on de_cache. We think that they’re a lot better team and that’s why they will win today!

Prediction: Natus Vincere will win 2:0 in maps with scores 16:09, 16:07
Suggestion: Medium/High on Natus Vincere or skip, because betting low on GGWP will not pay off.

Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose! Good luck in bets!

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