HellRaisers versus GPlay | 05/03/2015

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Date League Match type
05/03/2015 SLTV StarSeries XII Best-of-Three


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CSGO Lounge Odds Egaming bets Odds Our Pick Our Odds Risk level
60% / 40% 1.48 / 2.37 HellRaisers  60% / 40% 9/10


HellRaisers has been looking shaky lately. Yesterday they played two games – one versus GGWP.Pro and one versus Space Soldiers. A little bit about game against GGWP.Pro. HellRaisers started on CT side, but took only 7 rounds on it, because they made a lot of mistakes in their defense and GGWP.Pro literally just pushed as fast as they can to take the site and HellRaisers couldn’t really make a retake of it. Everyone was underperforming on their side except their ingame leader ANGE1 who played incredibly well that game. I personally thought that after losing that CT side they will lose the whole game, but no. They managed win a pistol round on T side and extend their lead by taking the next couple of gun-rounds/anti-ecos and score was already 15:09 in their favour, however after that they started to struggle. They tried to get mid control, but got denied by GGWP.Pro and they basically couldn’t get out of A ramp / mid, because GGWP were controlling those areas pretty good. GGWP.Pro took 6 rounds in a row to make it 15:15. Overtimes didn’t happen, so game ended as a draw. HellRaisers looked very sloppy in that game and that’s probably because they did underestimate their enemies.

Nonetheless, today is a new day. In this match-up we slightly favour HellRaisers, however they can dissapoint if they will underestimate their enemy again. GPlay played pretty good against Dignitas on de_mirage and de_inferno, however fell short against them on de_dust2. I think that the reason because Dignitas lost is that they also underestimated GPlay and played very aggressive which they shouldn’t have done. Also Kjaerbye and aizy were underperforming that game and couldn’t hold the choke points.

We are favouring HellRaisers in this match-up, because they’re more experienced and if Dosia + flamie will go nuts, then GPlay will have a hard time holding sites knowing that Dosia can pop-up and instantly rip their heads off. One more reason is that HellRaisers will try as hard as possible, because it’s a StarSeries match and if they want to qualify for the LAN finals, then they have to win this and that’s why they will show their will to win.

Prediction: HellRaisers will win this game in a close BO3 – 2:1
Suggestion: Low/Medium bet on HellRaisers or skip, because this is a very risky match.

Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose! Good luck in bets!

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