Gamers2 versus HellRaisers | 06/03/2015

Gamers2  HellRaisers
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Date League Match type
06/03/2015 CCS Kick-Off Season Closed Qualifier #1 Best-of-Three


de_dust2  de_overpass de_mirage
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CSGO Lounge Odds Egaming bets Odds Our Pick Our Odds Risk level
32% / 68% 2.6 / 1.39 HellRaisers  45% / 55% 9/10


Gamers2 are an overall well formed team with good players but their weakness is closing out games. They struggle in the important rounds and that can be a decisive factor against a team like HellRaisers.G2 have been playing against better teams that the ones HellRaisers have and they have been doing decent in all of the games, however we think that individuals of HellRaisers will play better than individuals from Gamers2, but nobody should be underestimated in this one.


HellRaisers are a very inconsistent team and we saw that yesterday against They won the first map 16:14 even though they picked it and it’s their best map. They had an awful CT side but their individual skills won them the map. The second map was Gplay’s pick and HR did a lot better on it than inferno. HellRaisers are making a lot of mistakes on their CT sides and it gives enemies a chance to comeback on their T side and that’s why they might even lose today, however we think that HellRaisers has been working hard on their CT side and will try to do as good as possible.


Prediction: HellRaisers will win this game in a close BO3 – 2:1
Suggestion: Low/Medium bet on HellRaisers or skip, because this is a very risky match.

Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose! Good luck in bets!

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