LGB versus Property | 06/03/2015

LGB  Property


Date League Match type
06/03/2015 Friday Night Frags By Strafe App Best-of-Three


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CSGO Lounge Odds Egaming bets Odds Our Pick Our Odds Risk level
60% / 40% 1.63 / 2.11 LGB  55% / 45% 9/10


LGB showed everyone that they are not a team that you should underestimate even though they are in a 4 games lose streak but against the best teams in EU. They have a nice roster and a lot of individual and strats skills. They showed us what they are capable of during the ESL qualifiers and  they are definitely a dangerous team. If jkaem, Rubino and Polly steps up today, then they’ll most likely finish this in two maps, however if they will wake up later, then we’ll be seeing a close bo3 between these two teams.


Property is a great team but they have a stand-in. This definitely lowers their chance of winning because a player like “pauf” missing  can be a decisive factor. The stand-in “Mystic” in an unknown player that we haven’t heard before and we don’t know what to expect from him. Property as a team are great and they have showed this a lot of times. Mystic is a great rifler and Property actually won 16:11 against LGB in a BO1 in 10th of January, 2015 with this lineup and Mystic was carrying them, however we do not expect this to be done today.


Prediction: LGB will win this game in a close BO3 – 2:0/2:1.
Suggestion: Low/Medium bet on LGB or skip, because this is a very risky match.

Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose! Good luck in bets!

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