ESC versus iNation | 08/03/2015


ESC  iNation
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Date League Match type
08/03/2015 GamePlan Pro League Best-of-One


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CSGO Lounge Odds Egaming bets Odds Our Pick Our Odds Risk level
65% / 35%  1.4 / 10.0 / 2.75 ESC  60% / 40% 8/10



Esc are a good team but they have been struggling against their tier teams lately which makes us think that they might have difficulties with Ination. They are way better tacticalwise and aimwise but that won’t make their match easier because their most recent matches haven’t been one of the greatest and they certainly have problems to figure out but they should come ahead on this one as they are the better team here. crZy has been off lately and couldn’t kill anyone pretty much and he has to step up for his team. COLON is doing a great job with his AWP and raalz with his rifle. If they want to prove that they’re a good team, they must all step up and win all the games today.


There is not much to say about this team other than them beating GPlay in a BO3 not a while ago. We don’t think that they did anything spectacular in this game. GPlay weren’t playing like they normally do and that’s what lead into the win for Ination. It’s a decent team but certainly not on the level ESC are and especially after their best players left. iNation can only win if all of them will go nuts at the same time while ESC will be playing very bad..

Prediction: ESC will win this game 16:11
Suggestion: Low/Medium bet on ESC.

Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose! Good luck in your bets!

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