WiLD versus myKPV.DE | 10/03/2015

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Date League Match type
10/03/2015 GamePlan Pro League Best-of-One


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CSGO Lounge Odds Egaming bets Odds Our Pick Our Odds Risk level
35% / 65% 2.1 / 10 / 1.6  40% / 60% 8/10

 Quick analysis

We all saw last couple of games from both teams and showed some strong performance against teams like ESC, myXMG, iNation, GGWP and PENTA. Since it’s 20 minutes untill the game starts, this is just some quick analysis and rather advice than prediction.

We saw WiLD playing against X6tence yesterday and they didn’t show anything worth to even consider betting on them. Only notable achievement from them in the past couple of matches is winning against Volgare 2-1 in maps with a third map going into 3 overtimes, so they barely even won that which is good, but other than that they didn’t show anything else. on the other hand showed themselves pretty strong and I wouldn’t be surprised if they pretty much crash WiLD but it also depends on the map pick. is playing cobblestone/inferno/overpass extremely good, so if one of these maps will be their pick, then it’s almost a guaranteed win for, but on the other maps it’s rather 50%/50%.

Prediction: Our pick on this one is
Suggestion: Low/Medium bet on

Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose! Good luck with your bets!

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  1. STARS STARS says:

    myKPV won this match 16:08.

    Wht we’ve learned from this? is a pretty good second/third tier team. ScurK, oddo and suelo did a great job on T side and zyh with his awp on CT side. Now we know that is decent, if not great on de_mirage.

    Won 38$.

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