Gamers2 versus Team Property | 11/03/2015

Gamers2 Team Property
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Date League Match type
10/03/2015 Global Offensive Champions League Season 1 Best-of-Two


de_overpass de_mirage
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CSGO Lounge Odds Egaming bets Odds Our Pick Our Odds Risk level
48% / 52% – / - Team Property  50% / 50% 10/10



Gamers2 has been struggling lately winning only 2 matches out of 5. They won agaisnt Property 2:0 which isn’t very surprising, because Property played with a stand-in both matches and stand-in was “JW”. Property had bigger odds because people thought that JW will carry Property single-handedly, but he couldn’t and Gamers2 won the game, thanks to teamwork.

They had to play 2 ESEA matches against mousesports and Natus Vincere on de_season and they lost both of those matches, because they struggled to take a lot of important rounds and lost a couple of anti-eco rounds. I personally haven’t seen a team who manages to lose that many anti-eco rounds every game (at least 2-3 anti-ecos per game). They didn’t play lights-out and nobody is practicing that map, but Natus Vincere and mousesports were stronger this time which lead to 12:16 loss against mousesports and 06:16 loss against Natus Vincere.

Last Sunday they played BO3 against Orbit and that game was pain to watch for people who did bet on Gamers2 and believed in them. On de_cache they had a good CT half, but an awful T half. They won 11 rounds on their CT side and could’ve won even 12-13, if they wouldn’t have lost 4 versus 1 round against pyth. After going to T side, they lost a pistol round, again, 4 versus 1 pyth, who held the site single-handedly and after that they only managed to take 1 round out of 13 on their T side which is very, very bad. I wonder why they didn’t watch demos which they had after losing 4 maps to Orbit in a 2x BO3 game where they had a BO3 advantage, but couldn’t win the game and only managed to win de_mirage. They played de_cache twice in that game and they lost both times. They had a few days to check demos and fix their mistakes, but they were either lazy or just didn’t give a flying duck about that which lead them to lose a game.

On de_mirage they played lights out taking 10 rounds on their T side and only giving away 2 rounds on their CT side which lead them to 16:07 victory. Orbit are known for having a weak CT side on de_mirage and de_mirage is probably Gamers2′ best map. Nothing to wonder about.

On de_dust2 it was pain to watch them play. They took only 5 rounds on their T side even though they could’ve won more rounds if they wouldn’t lose a couple of anti-ecos and stupid gun-rounds where they push one by one. When they changed sides, they lost a pistol round, but after that they managed to take an anti-eco round and score was 06:11. Orbit on the other hand managed to take an anti-eco again and it was 12:06 in favour of Orbit, but again Gamers2 managed to win an anti-eco round and it was 12:07 in favour of Orbit. After playing some decent rounds the score was 13:13, but then Gamers2 choked.

27th round, they’re 5 on 5. They know that Orbit is pushing long, but they didn’t see them yet. They had a passive hold the whole time, but this time they wanted to push long knowing that Orbit is there (by seeing flashes and smokes). They wanted to make a surprise. Third guy flashed Orbit and two guys of Orbit went in, but managed to take only 1 frag and Orbit killed them both and started to push instantly taking down third guy on long who was staying with a nade in his hands (why?). After that Gamers2 lost 27th round and couldn’t do anything at all which lead them to lose the map 13:16.

Yesterday they played against Dignitas in a BO2, playing map de_dust2. They had a great Counter-Terrorist side winning 10 rounds, but they fell short on Terrorist side and couldn’t do anything about that, but then ddos happened to 3 of Dignitas members and Gamers2 barely won 16:14. If ddos wouldn’t have happened, then Dignitas would’ve won that match, since they had economy going, they had 3 rounds lead and most importantly is that Dignitas were on fire and knew what they will do each round while Gamers2 fell apart.

Team Property played a couple of matches lately and they looked decent against the same tier opponents and even looked good against some of the higher tier opponents. They played a game against Natus Vincere on de_season (the map that nobody plays) and fell short 10:16, however they played pretty decent against them, hitting their shots, but Natus Vincere members were better this time with GuardiaN and Edward being on their flow.

They played a couple of matches later on de_inferno and de_nuke against Dignitas. Dignitas however had a stand-in “Friis” and he played decent throughout the whole game. They had a stand-in because aizy has been having a lot of problems with the ddos. Team Property played both maps very well having a strong Terrorist side and even stronger Counter-Terrorist side. On de_inferno they took 8 rounds (might be mistaken) on their Terrorist side and finished off their game on Counter-Terrorist side with a score 16:10 in their favour having Twist, schneider and pauf going nuts.

On de_nuke they started on Terrorist side and managed to take 5 rounds including an eco round win. After swapping sides they managed to take a 10:0 Counter-Terrorist side which lead them to 16:10 victory. Everyone was playing great in that game, especially their star player “twist” who has been playing out of his mind lately. He is a very talented player and we wish he could’ve a chance to step up for Ninjas in Pyjamas for a couple of games. We think that he would’ve been better addition to their roster knowing that his skill gap is amazingly high and he might be a Swedish star if he continues to play like he does.

Team Property played a couple of matches against Virtus.Pro and on de_dust2 it was a close game indeed. They fell short by two rounds losing 19:21 even though they even had a chance of winning that map, but failed on a 2v1 clutch against pashaBiceps. Everyone who was watching that game pretty much knows how well they played, but also they had some mistakes which lead to this outcome. Better luck next time I guess.

With that being said we think that Team Property will win this game or at least they will win one map out of two maps and it obviously depends on the map pick. We think that they have been performing better than Gamers2 lately and that’s a huge factor in this scenario.

Prediction: Team Property will win 2:0 depending on the map pick. It’s a very risky bet indeed and hopefully they’re having a good day today.
Suggestion: Low bet on either team works, but our pick for this one will be Team Property.

Don’t bet what you can’at afford to lose! Good luck with your bets!


  1. WOW nice researches +1
    ty for your prediction <3

  2. I trust you…hopefully win…If I do win your ad in Turkey page : D

  3. Wanna say big THANK YOU Guys i won myXMG vs Wild thx to u and now im betting on Property ill get 120$ i hope they wont let us down ! ;)

    • STARS STARS says:

      Hopefully. I did bet 70$ myself. Didn’t bet much, because it’s a 50 % / 50 % game and both of these teams can take the victory here. Hyped for Katowice! Thank you for a nice comment, always a pleasure! :)

  4. STARS STARS says:

    Maps: de_overpass and de_mirage

    Most likely it will be 1-1, because Gamers2 are very good on de_overpass and decent on de_mirage. Hopefully Property can make this happen.
    Sorry for your skins if they lose. No idea why did Property allow Gamers2 to take their probably strongest maps.

    Lets see. #GoProperty

  5. Ronissimo says:

    Thanks for your prediction! ^^
    I’m from Belarus and it’s a little bit hard to me to write right , but I hope this bet win :)
    Have a nice day and gl.

  6. STARS STARS says:

    Property lost first map 11:16.

    They lost 4v2 pistol round on CT side and 2v1 gun-round which lead to 0-5 score.
    On T side they’re completely useless and it was so easy for Gamers2 to hold all the sites.

    berg, zende and twist underperforming like they’ve never played this map. #gg

  7. Water says:

    Excuse me, but i dont think you are professionall better, because G2 will take it and is taking now. I started betting 2 weeks ago, im now 37$. From 16 bets 9 of them there wins. You just write information about both teams. THE BEST PREDICTION IS TO KNOW EVERY PLAYER, THEIR STRONG ABILITIES AND MAPS. LOOK AT MINIMISE NOW!

  8. STARS STARS says:

    This map was a lot better. Property had a very strong Counter-Terrorist side, but not so good Terrorist side. They struggled to finally take 3 rounds on their Terrorist side and that was mostly because schneider couldn’t get any entry-fraggs with his awp. Berg stepped up big time for them in these last 2 rounds and they managed to take a 16:11 victory.

    Thanks to everyone who did bet and believed in us! Hopefully next bets will be a lot better! :)

  9. at least a draw
    fcking property

    • STARS STARS says:

      They didn’t veto de_overpass and that lead them to lose the first map. They are favourites in almost every map except de_overpass which Gamers2 plays a lot. If maps would be like de_dust2 and de_mirage, then Property would’ve a 2:0 win.

    • ummahusla ummahusla says:

      Nah, property didnt went so bad on one of the strongest gamers2’s map. But still lost a couple of important rounds.

      Anyway property did only 1 mistake. Didn’t vetoed overpass, but I think they used their for de_dest2.

      Anyway, tomorrow starts ESL ONE. Stay tuned.

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