CLG versus HellRaisers | 12/03/2015

CLG  HellRaisers
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Date League Match type
12/03/2015 ESL One Katowice Best-of-One


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CSGO Lounge Odds Egaming bets Odds Our Pick Our Odds Risk level
55% / 45% 1.77 / 1.94 HellRaisers  50% / 50% 10/10


Counter Logic Gaming are currently dominating the NA scene beating almost every team. They lost to Denial on de_season which is not one of their strongest maps with a score of 6:16 losing the second half 0:7. They have been pretty much dominating in every other game with a great performance from all of their players. Their last game was a bit shaky on de_nuke against eLevate even though they managed to take 6 rounds as T’s. Elevate managed to take the game into an overtime where CLG used a lot of the mistakes eLevate were making to their own advantage and eventually won the game undeservingly with a score of 19:17. However EU teams are a lot tougher than NA teams are and HR are one of them. They are a hard opponent especially on LAN tournaments and they can cause a lot of upsets. CLG have played against EU teams before and they showed us a solid performance against LDLC winning de_dust2 with a score of 16:14 two months ago when PTR was basically wrecking them. LDLC are a good team on de_dust2 but that’s not the only good game CLG have had against an EU team. They showed us qualitative gameplay at the Katowice qualifiers beating G2 on de_cache with a score of 16:14 and Titan on de_dust2 with a score of 16:14 going 2-0 and qualifying for the tournament. They have had two losses against Fnatic both of them on de_mirage with scores of 10:16 and 7:16 but de_mirage was and still is one of Fnatic’s best maps but their overall performance against EU teams is not as good as against NA teams. They struggle a lot more against EU teams and the three wins with a score of 16:14 are an indication of that.

HellRaisers haven’t been doing so hot lately losing to Na’Vi 0-2 and to FlipSid3 1-3 both in fairly close matches. They lost de_dust2 with a score of 11:16 against Na’Vi but then played a lot better on de_cache. They won only 6 rounds as CT’s but eventually won 9 rounds as T’s and the game went into overtime after a failed 5v2 with a current score of 15:14 in their advantage. In the overtime they made a few key mistakes which cost them the map and eventually the game. Flamie stepped up a lot for his team but kucher was underperforming and the game wasn’t going in their favor while GuardiaN was playing out of his mind aswell. HR were looking better against F3 in the first two maps winning de_inferno with a score of 16:10 and excellent plays by Dosia and Flamie. On de_nuke they played a decent CT side winning it 10:5 but F3 were better prepared for de_nuke and completely stopped them from taking a second map after a solid CT side and an eventual score of 16:12 in F3’s favor. The next two maps HR were completely out of it and they had nothing to do with the team we were seeing the first two maps. They were doing silly mistakes and they were looking completely blank and unable to do anything. The game against G2 however we were seeing the strong side of HR. They won the BO3 after a crushing 16:5 on de_dust2 and a solid CT side on de_mirage. They did lose de_overpass with a score of 5:16 but it’s one of their weakest maps so it wasn’t surprising. HR played a decent T side on de_mirage but then a crushing 11:1 as CTs made the difference and they won the map and eventually the game. Flamie and Dosia were playing pretty damn good and they deservingly won the BO3. They also won against Gplay 2-0 after a shaky de_inferno winning it barely with a score of 16:14 but then on de_cache they had no problems closing out the BO3 with a map score of 16:11. HR however are a pain in the ass to play against when it comes to major tournaments as we saw at Dreamhack Winter advancing with a score of 2-0 and winning against fnatic and Cloud9 in the group stage.

Prediction: Honestly this is a 50%/50% match, but we’re giving an advantage to HellRaisers despite their shakiness online. They said in an interview that they’ve been practicing 12 hours a day and didn’t use any strats in online games. We’re believing in our european teams more and that’s why we’re going with HellRaisers.
Suggestion: Low/Medium bet on either team works, but we’re going with HellRaisers.

Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose! Good luck with your bets!

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