Natus Vincere versus FlipSid3 Tactics | 12/03/2015

Natus Vincere  FlipSid3 Tactics
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Date League Match type
12/03/2015 ESL One Katowice Best-of-One


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CSGO Lounge Odds Egaming bets Odds Our Pick Our Odds Risk level
78% / 22% 1.34 / 2.78 Natus Vincere  65% / 35% 8/10


Natus Vincere has been on a winning streak in their last matches winning against Property on de_season, against Gamers2 on de_season, destroying mousesports on de_dust2, winning HellRaisers 2:0 and winning FlipSid3 Tactics 2:0.

A bit about each match. Property didn’t show anything against Natus Vincere and Natus Vincere convincingly won the game 16:10. Na’Vi had some sloppy rounds, but overall they performed a lot better than their opponents. Na’Vi theoretically destroyed Gamers2 on de_season, even though some of the rounds were very close and very intense, but these both games were on de_season which neither team is practicing, so these results are somewhat irrelevant, but can be used to determine in how good shape Na’Vi currently is.

Natus Vincere got destroyed by mouz a couple of weeks/a month ago on de_dust2 by mouz 16:08, but this time Natus Vincere looked like they’re from another planet with the performance they showed us. They destroyed mouz 16:02 without giving a chance for mouz to pick up some rounds. Clean and easy.

Both of the maps against HellRaisers (de_dust2 and de_cache) were very intense. de_dust2 in the start was promising to be a very close game, but HellRaisers choked in the end in some key rounds which lead Natus Vincere to 16:11 win against them. The second map was very intense (de_cache) and even though Natus Vincere doesn’t like to play this map – they showed some amazing performance. Every round was very intense and at some point HellRaisers were leading 15:14, but Edward and Zeus denied the win by winning a round 2 versus 5. Edward had an auto-sniper and he managed get 3 quick kills with it. flamie was stepping up big time for them, and kucher was doing the opposite – underperfoming big time. In the end after 18 intensive rounds, Natus Vincere came out on top claiming a victory with a score 25:23 (might be mistaken). GuardiaN, Zeus and Edward were on fire in both of the games which lead Natus Vincere to the victory. We expect the same if not better performance in this game.

Natus Vincere played agaisnt FlipSid3 Tactics 4 days ago and maps were de_mirage and de_inferno. Natus Vincere had a great performance on the first map, even though the map went into an overtime, however Natus Vincere managed to win it. Both of the teams took 9 rounds on their CT side and 6 rounds on their T side, however Natus Vincere was a lot better in the overtime.

After having a little break, they moved onto the second map which was de_inferno. It was a big surprise for everyone, because Natus Vincere won 13 rounds on their CT side and won 3 rounds on their T side winning the game 16:02 and completely destroying FlipSid3 Tactics. A lot of people were expecting FlipSid3 to win this map and everything would’ve ended on third map, but surprisingly Natus Vincere played de_inferno lights out, even though they don’t really like to play this map.

NOTICE: FlipSid3 Tactics played with s1mple in that match, but in this match FlipSid3 Tactics will play with a stand-in “DavCost” due to s1mple’s ESL ban.

 With all of this being said we think that Natus Vincere will win, because they’re always playing better on LAN than online and they’re hungry for this title. If FlipSid3 Tactics were theoretically destroyed having s1mple (one of the best individual players with a huge potentional), then what could happen with FlipSid3 having DavCost? Anyway – This is a BO1 game and we’re giving only 15% edge to Natus Vincere due to the fact that FlipSid3 might surprise.

Prediction: Natus Vincere will win this game, however an upset might happen.
Suggestion: Low/Medium bet on Natus Vincere or an icb on FlipSid3 Tactics.

Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose! Good luck with your bets!


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