Relaunch is comming!

What’s up guys.

For the last week, we really fall behind in our time management, and we weren’t able to provide even a single prediction. From my point of view as a co-founder, it’s really bad and we received a lot of messages via email, twitter and facebook. We really appreciate that you care about us.

I want to announced, that I’m restructuring website analyst team, and we are recruiting more people to join #EASYCSGOBETS. We are currently carry on negotiation with couple of analyst to join us.

Additionally, we are decided to run CS:GO News section, so we are going to recruit News and Tutorials makers. We are planning to relaunch, at the end of this week.


Stay tuned!




  1. steam_user says:

    Looking forward to it! :)

  2. steam_user says:

    Guys you are awesome, keep making predictions and do your thing ! :D

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