EnVyUs vs Natus Vincere | 13/08/2015

EnVyUs  Natus Vincere
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Date League Match type
13/08/2015 Counter Pit League Best-of-Three
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CSGO Lounge Odds Egaming bets Odds Our Pick Our Odds Risk level
66% / 34% 1.4 / 2.4  Natus Vincere 60% / 40% 10/10

EnVyUs (Happy, NBK-, kioShiMa, kennyS, apEX)

Past 5 matches:

3:0 vs Team SoloMid (16:12 inferno; 16:9 cobblestone; 16:3 cache)

19:17 vs Mousesports (cache)

11:16 vs mousesports (train)

16:8 vs mousesports (dust2)

16:13 vs CLG (inferno)

Ever since the big French shuffle took place I had no doubt that this EnVyUs roster is going to succeed. The only question was „When?” – when exactly are they going to peak and show that their individually skilled set of players are capable of becoming a top team once again. As we saw at the recent IEM Gamescom 2015 event, they are here to compete neck to neck with the best in the world so the time is now!

Not only they dropped only 1 map (vs mousesports at de_train) in their path to the finals, but they also managed to overcome the fearsome Danes (Team SoloMid) in a quite flashy fashion (3:0 victory in the Grand Finals). Now, before we point fingers at TSM for not showing up with their A-Game, I really doubt that they would not take these games seriously as we are coming closer and closer to another CS:GO Major and at this point, every event/match counts as preparation for the Major.

As we saw at IEM Gamsecom, EnVyUs has their energy fully refilled with the recent roster change and now stand on an incredible level of motivation to succeed and overcome any possible difficulties in their way. Happy is back demolishing people (1.33 rating at IEM Gamescom), kennyS no longer has to drop 30-bomb just to squeeze out the victory for his team, apEX no longer has the pressure of being the only mad-fragger in the team, plus – NBK- and kioShiMa are putting up the numbers in the games like never before! This is a very dangerous lineup and I do expect big things to come for EnVyUs!

Natus Vincere (Zeus, GuardiaN, flamie, seized, Edward)

Past 5 matches:

1:3 vs Virtus.Pro (8:16 overpass; 11:16 cache; 16:7 cobblestone; 15:19 mirage)

2:0 vs mousesports (16:9 overpass; 16:14 de_dust2)

2:1 vs Tempo Storm (16:13 mirage; 22:25 inferno; 16:8 cobblestone)

0:2 vs Virtus.Pro (15:19 overpass; 5:16 train)

2:0 vs Luminosity (16:3 overpass; 16:8 dust2)

We all know Na`Vi’s roster from A to Z. These guys have been playing together for a while now and for a long time they did struggle to find their footing in this modern CS:GO scene. But, during the past few months they have finally managed to break out of their shell and prove not only to themselves but to other top teams as well that they truly are a top tier team and should be treated that way.

Their biggest success story so far has been ESWC 2015. They secured the top spot in group (over SK, Titan, Luminosity) and had a good run all through-out the single elimination bracket (wins over Renegades, FlipSid3 and Cloud9). People may argue about them getting a favorable group/bracket, but at the end of the day – if you can win Cloud9 (arguably Top5 team at a time) in a bo3 Grand Finals, you can surely say that this team deserves to be called top tier!

Although they have recently cooled off a little, they are still keeping up with a high level of consistency and are not dropping random games/series to teams below their caliber. They finished 3th-4th at DreamHack Valencia (losing 1:2 to TSM in the semi-final) and 2nd at CEVO-P S7 Finals (losing only to Virtus.Pro in a Bo5 Grand Final). At this very moment it seems like the poles in form of Virtus.Pro are their kryptonite. Of course, they have also dropped a series against TSM recently, but who hasn’t. All in all – Na`Vi still is the CIS powerhouse within European CS:GO kitchen and they have reached levels of consistency like never before!

The Match-up

I feel like this is going to be a monstrous match-up. The new up-and-coming EnVyUs roster which have set their eyes on the prize for Cologne and are coming off from a tournament victory at IEM Gamescom are going to face up against the team that have overcome their organizations ghost of the past (Na`Vi’s 1.6 team) and have finally made their break-through establishing themselves as one of the top teams in the world right now.

The thing that is favoring Na`Vi here is their map pool, which is wider than any new teams one, and also the synergy between players, who have been playing together for quite a long time now. On the other hand, we have arguably the most talented French roster ever seen in history of CS:GO. As we saw at IEM Gamescom, EnVyUs is already a force to reckon with and have proven that they can use little periods of time given to figure out the best play-style for their set of individual talent.

On a side note, both of these teams have top class AWP players in form of GuardiaN and Happy/kennyS, so keep an eye out for this epic battle during the game, as it is surely going to set the tone for the rest of the game!

Prediction:  As I usually favor the team that is on the rise rather than the team that has seen a little drop-off in their performance I would suggest going on EnVyUs in this one, but seeing the odds at CSGO Lounge (66/34 at the time) my advice would be playing the odds and betting small-medium on Na`Vi. On a side note, both of these teams are currently boot-camping, so I guess it’s safe to say – no matter what team they face next, both of these giants have set their eyes on the prize and are ready to destroy anyone in their ways!

NOTE: If the odds come closer to being 60/40 for EnVyUs or even below that, then I would suggest betting on Frenchmen as those odds would be pretty accurate in terms of probability of either team winning the match.

Suggestion: As this is a really risky match-up, I would not suggest to go big on either one of the teams. EnVyUs do look like the stable pick on paper after their IEM Gamescom success, but Na`Vi can surely surprise. At the end of the day – this can go either way!

Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose! Good luck with your bets!

– Gekons

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