NiP vs CLG | 20/08/2015

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Date League Match type
20/08/2015 ESL One Cologne 2015 Best-of-One
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CSGO Lounge Odds Egaming bets Odds Our Pick Our Odds Risk level
86% / 14% 1.18 / 3.69 NiP 80% / 20% 4/10

NiP (GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, friberg, xizt, allu)

Since their „87-0” glory days, Ninjas have always felt lost. Whether people were talking that their line-up should change, just because it’s not viable anymore in the modern competitive CS:GO era and people have grown apart from each other as persons, or just purely bashing team`s results cause they surely weren’t what they used to be! NiP is one of the few teams that has not lived up to their expectations for a while now, but they are all set to change that in Cologne!

Last time we saw NiP at Dreamhack Valencia, they were undoubtedly exceeding everyone’s expectations! They played a very close game versus TSM (13:16 at mirage), who at the time were at their peak; then they overcame the boys from NA (Liquid) in a pretty convincing 2:0 fashion (16:10 at cache and 16:6 at dust2); but finally, and most importantly, they played a incredibly close series versus fellow Swedes in form of fnatic (14:16 at train and 14:16 at mirage). Unfortunately, these results were not enough for Ninjas to pass through the group stage, but I think we all saw a glimpse of Ninjas wearing totally new “Pyjamas”!

At Cologne, this team has set their eyes to the heights they used to live in, but the road ahead has definitely changed! All in all – I think that NiP has reincarnated and we saw glimpses of potential even back at Dreamhack Valencia. Let’s just hope they don’t disappoint us again shall we?

CLG (tarik, Cutler, jdm64, FNS, hazed)

The second hope of NA (after Cloud9 who have proven that they are a force to reckon with) is set to compete with the best teams in the world in Cologne! First and foremost, it’s kind of surprising (knowing NA scene`s instability) that CLG has managed to qualify for their second Major in a row, but that just shows how motivated these guys are to at least make it to the big stage!

Looking at their most recent showings in EU tournaments, namely ESWC 2015 and IEM Gamescome 2015, there is not much to talk about. During ESWC 2015 they only managed to score one victory in their three games – 16:7 over Bravado at dust2; loses against Renegades (13:16 cache) and EnVyUs (10:16 at cache). Although, they played okey-ish vs EnVyUs, they fell short versus Aussies, which was kind of a shocker, knowing that Aussies are still new to this scene and they should take some time to overcome teams like CLG. Speaking of IEM Gamescome 2015, there isn’t much of a story there either – they played four games and won zero of them (loses vs SK, EnVyUs and TSM twice). Although their results were decent, they didn’t score any victories and that’s the main part of competing – getting to know the feeling of victory!

Cologne will once again provide them with quality opponents versus whom scoring a victory would already be a step closer to being considered a legit top team who can compete with some of the best teams in the world. But will they? Only time will tell!

The Match-up

Coincidence or not, the last battle between these two teams were held at the last Major, where NiP took the victory in a pretty easy way (16:7 at mirage). Since those days, we have seen NiP actually make an effort at playing as a top tier team again (their performance at Dreamhack Valencia) and CLG has stabilized their standings in the NA scene beating various NA teams left and right.

I think that this match-up is a no brainer – unless NiP makes the mistake of underestimating CLG as a team, I don’t see a team of NiP’s caliber losing this game. NiP has been around for ages now and they should be experienced enough to overcome the likes of CLG here. Plus – if there is one thing we can count on during a Major it’s “NiP magic”.

Prediction:  I see three ways this game can play out: NiP win in a pretty convincing fashion (chance of happening – 50%); NiP have a little struggle to win this game (close game; chance of happening – 30%); NiP actually choke and CLG take the advantage of that (NiP loses; chance of happening – 20%). It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know who the winner of this match-up will most likely be!

Suggestion: As in all the match-ups where one of the teams is a clear favorite there probably will be pretty awful odds at both CSGO Lounge and My suggestion is either betting low on CLG in hopes of an upset or going big on Swedes (and one Finn) in Pyjamas!

Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose! Good luck with your bets!

– Gekons

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