Renegades vs TSM | 20/08/2015

Renegades TSM
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Date League Match type
20/08/2015 ESL One Cologne 2015 Best-of-One
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CSGO Lounge Odds Egaming bets Odds Our Pick Our Odds Risk level
13% / 87% 6.004 / 1.032 TSM 10% / 90% 2/10

Renegades (jks, yam, SPUNJ, Havoc, AZR)

The Renegades (also known as ex Vox-Eminor) have always rolled high on their Aussie pride (being the number one team in Oceania for a while now), but there is no doubt that this Major is gonna be a very heated shooting season for the Kangaroos if they are not careful and well-prepared! They do have a decent amount of experience at Majors (SPUNJ, Havoc and AZR will attend their 4th Major; jks – his 3rd), but will that be enough for Aussies to pull it together and make their flights to Cologne worth the money?

They did pass the Asian Qualifier for Cologne pretty easily, but at this point (when they have clearly established their top spot in Asia/Oceania) I don’t actually think that we can count that as a notable achievement. Actually, we could count that one in a vice versa fashion – if they didn’t qualifier for the Major, that would have been a big disappointment! Speaking of their last showing in Europe, IEM Gamescom 2015, I’m struggling to find any good arguments to call them well established among the Europeans. They fought very closely against the Danes from SK gaming (16:10; 16:14; 16:19), but suffered pretty convincing loses against mousesports (2:16) and TSM (6:16 and 4:16).

At Cologne, SPUNJ’s lads are gonna try to make their first run to the play-off’s, as they have exited past 3 Majors exactly at group-stage. There is no doubt that odds are against them in this quest, but as we have seen in the past – everything is possible in Bo1 group stages!

TSM (karrigan, dupreeh, cajunb, device, Xyp9x)

For a long time now the Danes in form of TSM have been the most promising force of dethroning team fnatic from being the world’s number one team! They have had their share of notable 1st place finishes in tournaments such as CS:GO championship series, Fragbite Master season 4 and FACEIT 2015 Stage 2 finals, but as you can see – none of them are Majors!

Although TSM have had their time in the spotlight, their most recent performances are quite dissatisfying. Their form at APM tourney was awful to say the least. Of course, they weren’t practicing at the time (everyone knew that), but for world’s top 3 team to go out of the tournament in fashion they did was just a shocker for everyone! Then came the IEM Gamescome 2015 event, where they managed to score victories over any other team but the new EnVyUs roster. While that might come off as a decent showing, I still think that the TSM we all knew from their glory days is far from the one we saw there!

At Cologne, karrigan and co are set to finally break-through as the number one team in the world, overcoming the likes of Na`Vi, fnatic, and EnVyUs, and for the first time – winning a Major! The task ahead is not the easiest, but Danes have always been motivated enough to prove that they are up for it!

The Match-up

As these two teams met each other twice during the IEM Gamescom 2015 event (which took place few weeks ago) and TSM completely demolished Aussies in both games (16:6 and 16:4 for TSM), I don’t see any other ending to this duel than TSM opening the Kangaroo hunting season early at Cologne! Renegades will of course do their best to prove that they can take on fearsome Danes, but it’s more than obvious that their best is no where near TSM`s best! Unless Renegades have some aces up their sleeves, this one is gonna be a quicky!

Prediction:   It does not take Nostradamus to figure out that TSM is gonna take this one! My odds for a pretty convincing win would be something like 70%; a closer match, but TSM still coming out on top – 20%; and TSM experiencing mega choke and letting Renegades take over the game to win it – 10%.

Suggestion: As in all the match-ups where one of the teams is a clear favorite there probably will be pretty awful odds on both CSGO Lounge and, but in my opinion – this is one of the safest games from all the group-stage opening ones! I just don’t see TSM losing this! Unless you feel somehow scared from the Aussies and think they can actually surprise, I would suggest going super big on TSM (to get profit) or skip this one.

Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose! Good luck with your bets!

– Gekons

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