EnVyUs vs FlipSid3 | 20/08/2015

EnVyUs FlipSid3
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Date League Match type
20/08/2015 ESL One Cologne 2015 Best-of-One
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CSGO Lounge Odds Egaming bets Odds Our Pick Our Odds Risk level
88% / 12% 1.036 / 5.898 EnVyUs 85% / 15% 3/10

EnVyUs (Happy, kioShima, NBK-, kennyS, apEX)

Team EnVyUs! The strongest team of French scene and one of the strongest teams in the whole world for a while now! Although, on paper they still own these two titles, the thing is for sure – once you make a roster change, like EnVyUs did, your value and achievements as a 5-man-team are reset and you are once again on a quest of proving that you are worth both of these titles! There is no doubt that with the recent roster change of these Frenchmen everyone’s eyes are gonna be set at them and their performance! Can they outplay other top tier teams? Can they perform at the highest level? Can they make it to the very top once again despite the short time period provided for their new roster to play together? All of these questions will be answered this weekend at ESL One Cologne 2015!

Looking at their recent showings, we had the pleasure of watching the new EnVyUs roster compete at IEM Gamescom 2015 few weeks ago, where they took everyone by surprise and won the whole thing! Not only they dropped only 1 map (vs mousesports at de_train) in their path to the finals, but they also managed to overcome the fearsome Danes (Team SoloMid) in a quite flashy fashion (3:0 victory in the Grand Finals).  There is no doubt that this new EnVyUs roster has their energy fully refilled with the recent roster change and now stand on an incredible level of motivation to succeed and overcome any possible difficulties in their way.

At Cologne, Happy and colleagues are set to prove to the whole world, that despite a roster change so close to the Major, they can still turn up and play the highest level of competitive CS:GO and maybe, even take home the trophy!

FlipSid3 (B1ad3, markeloff, bondik, DavCost, WorldEdit)

One of the three CIS powerhouses (Na`Vi and HellRaisers being the other two) in form of FlipSid3  have always been the ultimate dark horse of every tournament they attended! On a good day, these guys could turn up in games that on paper they should never be counted in to, and turn the tables by winning teams who are in the drivers seat! Though, on a bad day they are literally a train-wreck! A lot of their past achievement victories come from their recently dismissed star player’s s1mple’s hand, but he is no where near to be found, so should we be worried?

FlipSid3 have not recently attended any LAN events (with their new roster) other than the qualifier for this event (ESL One Cologne 2015 European qualifier). They looked really shaky at the start losing their first game versus German side of KILLERFISH (14:16 at mirage) and barely winning their second game (to stay in the tournament) versus another German team namely PENTA (19:17 at overpass). But after that they rolled over Property from Sweden (16:3 at cobblestone), took their revenge versus previously mentioned KILLERFISH (16:14 at mirage), and most importantly, played their very best versus dignitas (19:16 at mirage) in the match which determined the team that would qualify for the Major!

At Cologne, the Russian-Ukranian side of FlipSid3 are set to prove that they are capable of performing well even without the young gun (s1mple)! There is no doubt that on paper, they are weaker than they were before, but as seen in the past – sometimes it’s not the stars that count, sometimes it’s just pure chemistry and teamplay!

The Match-up

Since EnVyUs made their roster change and FlipSid3 lost their young talent in form of s1mple, these two have not met each other in a official game. Although, we are provided of their match history with their old rosters, I think that both of these teams should be counted as new, and all of their past games/achievement should not be counted on when comparing them with each other!

Despite FlipSid3 enjoying a honeymoon phase after their release of morale destroyer in form of s1mple, I don’t think that they can match up against the new star lineup of EnVyUs. It would take a miracle or even two, for Russian-Ukranian mix to overcome the Frenchmen, and this time around, it’s quite impossible I would say!

Prediction:  As mentioned above, I think that new EnVyUs have provided us with a glimpse of what we should expect from them at IEM Gamescom 2015. If they keep up their form as it was back then, there should be no chance whatsoever for FlipSid3! Frenchmen should make this quick and painless for CIS team!

Suggestion: As in all the match-ups where one of the teams is a clear favorite there probably will be pretty awful odds at both CSGO Lounge and My suggestion is looking at the odds first and then figuring out whether or not you can take the advantage of them! If EnVyUs did not convince you with their form at IEM Gamescom, you should be better off not betting on this one at all!

Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose! Good luck with your bets!

– Gekons

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