Kinguin vs Luminosity | 20/08/2015

Kinguin Luminosity
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Date League Match type
20/08/2015 ESL One Cologne 2015 Best-of-One
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CSGO Lounge Odds Egaming bets Odds Our Pick Our Odds Risk level
72% / 28% 1.29 / 3.001 Luminosity 65% / 35% 10/10

Kinguin (ScreaM, maikelele, dennis, fox, rain)

The only team around the scene that practically doesn’t have a captain/IGL, but despite the odds are doing quite alright! Since the merge of these star players they have already made one roster change (-SKYTTEN +dennis) and felt the whip of the community/casters pointing out every single one of their failures in pretty harsh way. Many teams would lay their heads down when deserving such criticism, but not Kinguin. In fact I would say it’s vice versa – with overcoming every obstacle/failure in their way they are becoming stronger and more solid. The upcoming Major is gonna be their first real test as a team! Whether they will crumble under the pressure of the big stage or keep up the hype-train that has been Kinguin’s run at Cologne’s qualifier, that’s for us to find out during the upcoming weekend!

Last time we saw Kinguin they were playing at the ESL One Cologne 2015 European. They managed to secure their spot to Major in a quite easy way – wins versus PENTA (16:9 at dust2), KILLERFISH (16:8 at cache) and dignitas (16:8 at dust2). Although we may point a finger or two at dignitas for not showing up and choking again to secure a spot at the Major, I do think that Kinguin played up to their potential and deserved to earn the spot at the Major. Other than that, this team performed quite alright at DreamHack Valencia where they managed to overcome Polish giants in form of Virtus.Pro (2:1 win) and played a pretty good series vs Na`Vi (1:2 lose). Although they did not manage to get out of the group stage, we definitely saw a glimpse of potential top-tier team during the games they played, plus the experience and motivation boost earned from the event/games they played should play a role in their upcoming matches/events as well.

At Cologne, Kinguin are set to prove that they are worth a slot at the world’s biggest and most prestige tournament, and that them qualifying for the said tournament was not a fluke, but a performance we shall expect from them in the future also!

Luminosity (FalleN, fer, steel, coldzera, bolts)

The sole force of Brazil called Luminosity (also known as ex Keyd Stars) is attending their second Major in the row this weekend. Their first Major (ESL One Katowice 2015) can surely be counted as a success – the boys from South America not only proved to everyone that Brazilian CS:GO is capable of playing on par with other top teams from all over the world, but also managed to make it to the Play-Off’s, which is quite a big achievement for FalleN and his colleagues! Even though they fell short in their game versus Virtus.Pro to reach semi-final (1:2 lose), they surely left scar or two on teams like HellRaisers (victory 16:12 at inferno) and CLG (victory 16:8 at dust2)! Can Brazilians live up to their previous performance or will they fail miserably? Only time will tell!

Besides playing very well at the previous Major, Brazilians have provided us with a mixture of good and bad performances. Their most successful tournament (performance wise, not by final standings) outside of the Major (and tournaments that exclude any European teams) was their performance at ESL ESEA Pro League Season 1 Finals. Although they did fail to secure the top spot in the group (and place in the play-off’s) when given the chance (lose versus CLG – 9:16 at cache), they still managed to surprise us with a very shocking victory over the Danes of TSM (16:12 at inferno) and very solid performance versus fnatic (16:19 at train; 5:16 at inferno). On the other hand, their performance at ESWC 2015 was very lackluster. They failed to score victories against FlipSid3 (13:16 at cobblestone) and Cloud9 (9:16 at overpass) and the only team they won, Boreal, is not worth of a mention!

At Cologne, the Brazilians are set to prove that despite their mixture of surprisingly good and terribly bad results, they can turn up and perform when it matters the most – at the Major!

The Match-up

Since these two are both kind of new to the scene (and they represent different regions), there is no surprise they have not met each other in a official game yet, but that’s about to change! Since there is no real data to analyse here, the only thing viable for analyses is performances of both of the teams involved. On one hand we have the rising team of super stars, who have started a very powerful hype-train in the community, because despite not having an actually IGL they are pulling off very impressive results. On the other hand we have the best team in South America who’s results are very mixed, but who are known for being very disciplined and strong on tactical department! The winner of this one is very high up in the air in my opinion!

Prediction:  I think that people are riding the hype-train of Kinguin too much and that part of these people are blindly giving the advantage to them just because they like the players playing for Kinguin. I do agree that Kinguin is the favorite in this match-up, but not “72/28” (CSGO Lounge odds at the moment) kind of a favorite. People are writing off Brazilians just because we have not seen them in while, but Kinguin has been actively playing for past few months. Looking at Luminosity’s past performances, I think they are a huge wild-card in this match-up, and they are by no means ruled out by Kinguin before the match has even started. I predict a close game here as I think Brazilians have not traveled to Europe just to be sent home quickly by a team that don’t even have a IGL!

Suggestion: Don’t bet blindly! Be smart and play the odds! Luminosity definitely have a bigger chance than 28% to win this match! Unless you are a huge Kinguin fanboy, consider betting low on Brazilians!

Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose! Good luck with your bets!

– Gekons


  1. nice pick friend

    I started betting on electronic sports, after I looked at the odds of the game
    I am Brazilian and had full confidence that LG passed the car in kinguim
    nonsense training of Brazilian …

    I made enough money
    LG @ 3.9
    fnatic champion @ 3:02

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