EnVyUs vs Na`Vi | 22/08/2015

EnVyUs Natus Vincere
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Date League Match type
22/08/2015 ESL One Cologne 2015 Best-of-Three
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CSGO Lounge Odds Egaming bets Odds Our Pick Our Odds Risk level
76% / 24% 1.223 / 3.368 EnVyUs 65% / 35% 8/10

The Match-up

Since EnVy’s roster change these teams have met each other once in a Bo3 series at Counter Pit League’s upper bracket semi-final. The game was played on 13th of august, so the results are pretty fresh of the plate. Back then the boys from France eased passed Na`Vi in a quite convinding way – 16:11 at inferno and 16:9 at mirage.

Other than that, if we are looking at the performance these two have showed through-out the event in Cologne, I would say that neither one of them have impressed or showed something spectacular. EnVyUs wiped the floor with FlipSid3 in their opening match (16:3 at inferno), but then came way too close to actually losing to the Brazilians in a thriller kind of match (19:16 at cobblestone). There is no doubt that these guys have a huge potential both as a team and individual players, but they have not quite lived up to their potential yet!

On the other hand we have Natus Vincere, who came way too close for comfort in their opening game versus freshly reshuffled Titan roster (19:17 at overpass) and then got totally trashed by monstrous looking fnatic (2:16 at inferno). Although, they somehow managed to overcome the boys from North America (CLG) in the last and deciding match for the spot in the play-offs (16:14 at cobblestone), I think CS:GO fans all over the world are quite disappointed in Na`Vi’s results these past two days!

Prediction:  There is no doubt that this match up favors the boys from France! We should expect a thriller here (potentially all 3 maps), just because I think the boys in blue are still figuring themselves out (how exactly they want to approach the game with the new lineup). Na`Vi are totally capable of taking out EnVyUs (or any other top tier team) on their best days, but it looks like their best days (their peak) have already passed and now it’s time for Frenchmen to take over from here on out! I think that Happy and colleagues have this in the bag!

Suggestion: Currently odds on CSGLounge are way too skewed towards Frenchmen. As this is a play-off game (Bo3) there is less place for error, meaning that the team that is in the drivers seat (favorites) should most likely have an advantage over their opponents! If the odds stay the same, go bet on Na`Vi, cause there is no way this is a “76%/24%” match up!

Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose! Good luck with your bets!

– Gekons

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