EnVyUs vs TSM | 23/08/2015

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Date League Match type
23/08/2015 ESL One Cologne 2015 Best-of-Three
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CSGO Lounge Odds Egaming bets Odds Our Pick Our Odds Risk level
58% / 42% 1.767 / 1.948 TSM 45% / 55% 10/10

The Match-up

These two teams met each other back at IEM Gamescom 2015 few weeks ago and back then the new EnVy Us roster took everyone by surprise! The boys from France faced off against Danes four times and came out victorious in all four of the clashes (16:11 at cobblestone; 16:12 at inferno; 16:9 at cobblestone; 16:3 at cache). Although, we may argue that the format of the whole tournament was kind of a joke and TSM weren’t preparing for that event as much as they are prepared now at the Major, EnVy still did a great job pretty much man-handling the Danes in a quite easy way!

Looking at the performance of these two teams during the past three days I have to say that we have witnessed moments of struggle for boys in blue, whereas the Danes of TSM have looked flawless so far!

EnVyUs wiped the floor with FlipSid3 in their opening match (16:3 at inferno), but then came way too close to actually losing to the Brazilians in a thriller kind of match (19:16 at cobblestone). Coming into day three at Cologne, the Frenchmen were matched up against Natus Vincere. Although, there were couple of moments were it felt like the boys from CIS could get away with being faced up against Frenchmen, the boys in blue turned the tides and came out victorious in the end (16:13 at inferno and 16:10 at mirage). Looking at this new EnVy Us roster and how they play as a team, it feels like they are always starting out slow in their games and still testing what play-style fits them best versus which opponent. It’s pretty smart to see how they adjust to different teams during their games/series, but at times it still goes way too close for comfort. Like in their game against Na`Vi – their early-game felt kinda off, but when they finally found out how to counter their opponents, there was no doubt that they had the game in the bag! There is no doubt that these guys have a huge potential both as a team and as individual players, but their slow and not-so-confident early games can back-fire them when it counts the most!

On the other hand we have TSM who are looking pretty scary as they seem invulnerable! Although they started slow in their opening game versus Renegades form Autralia (16:11 win at train), they showed us the real fire-power they have (when they are all warmed up) in their second game versus Ninjas from Sweden – 16:3 win at cache! Coming into the play-offs the boys from Denmark were matched up against one of the surprises of the tournament namely Kinguin (other being Luminosity from Brazil). There was no doubt that TSM had the upper hand in this match up and that they would probably win it, but the thing everyone wanted to know was how confident and powerful the Danes are at this Major. Looking at the series (and the scorelines itself) of their quarter final match against Kinguin (16:8 win at overpass and 16:6 win at dust2) it’s pretty safe to say that the Danes have their eyes set on the prize which is becoming the number one team in the world by the end of the Major! There is no doubt that the boys from Denmark are looking unbeatable when they are on their A-game, that’s for sure!

Prediction:  For me this is a pretty even match up with a slight advantage in favor of TSM just because they are a team that has played together for a while now, whereas team EnVy Us are freshly off from the French shuffle, and are still looking for their “game”! This one is gonna be a super close series in my opinion and the only thing that determines whether or not the boys in blue are gonna be up for the task of handling the Danes is gonna be their early-game! If TSM get a good start, I doubt that they will let EnVy get back into the game as easy as Na`Vi did! If EnVy gets a good start – we’re here for a monstrous series!

Suggestion: Currently odds on CSGLounge are a bit too skewed towards the Frenchmen and to be honest I have no idea why! I think people are relying too much on the fact that during the IEM Gamescom 2015 event EnVy Us managed to man-handle TSM! This is not the case here, this is Major we’re talking about and I think TSM are here for the big title, not Top 4 finish! I would suggest going on TSM here as I do think they have the advantage!

Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose! Good luck with your bets!

– Gekons

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