Virtus.Pro vs NiP | 22/08/2015

Virtus.Pro NiP
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Date League Match type
22/08/2015 ESL One Cologne 2015 Best-of-Three
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CSGO Lounge Odds Egaming bets Odds Our Pick Our Odds Risk level
55% / 45% 1.691 / 2.035 Virtus.Pro 65% / 35% 9/10

The Match-up

The last time these two met was 2 months ago. Obviously that is a results that should not be counted here, but if anyone is interested – back then NiP took the advantage of Poles in a Bo1 game at train, winning with a 21:17 scoreline!

If we are looking at VP’s performance during the past two days at Cologne, we can safely say that Poles are coming back to their glory day form. In their opening match, Poles managed to secure a victory over not-so-experienced (but always a dark-horse) team Immunity from Australia with a 16:8 scoreline at cobblestone. After that, they were set to battle against the boys from North America in form of Cloud9, to decide who’s going to take the spot in play-offs! I think fans all over the world expected a closer match than we actually saw (16:8 win at cobblestone, again), but seeing TaZ’s confidence in the post-game interview where he said something on the lines of “Seangares is too easy to read” and “If you can read sean’s mind, you don’t have to worry about anything else in the game”. It’s pretty safe to say that Poles just had Cloud9 all figured out. The only thing that worries me here is that they played only one map twice (both games at cobblestone), which means we did not get to see them on other maps. Maybe it’s for the best, cause Ninjas won’t know what to expect either!

Looking at NiP’s performance during the past two days at Cologne, it’s safe to say that they are still finding themselves. They came way too close for comfort in their opening match against CLG at dust2 (16:13 win), but in my opinion, it was their own fault to not ban dust2 versus the boys from North America, because we all know that they are quite good at it. Whatever, they took the risk and somehow managed to overcome it. Moving forward – in their next game they were set to face TSM, to determine who gets the spot in the play-offs. How can we put this nicely – Ninjas were not up for the task of taking on Danes? I think the scoreline of 3:16 (lose at cache) pretty much let’s you visualize the game that took place between Ninjas and TSM! Finally, their last opportunity to become a “Legends” team came and the opponent was non other that Renegades from Australia. Ninjas were set to finally seal the deal and took home the game with ease (16:5 win at inferno). Although, I do think if the random map would have been any other than inferno (plus NiP starting on CT side) the game could have been a lot closer! All in all – I think that at this point NiP are definitely in need of a change, unless they want to keep on finishing at Top 8 or such!

Prediction:  Looking at how these two match up against each other it’s safe to say that these two have always experienced the closest and most exciting games! Looking at their past scorelines it’s rarely been a stomp for one or the other team! Although, I do think that VP is gonna take this one, we should definitely expect a thriller kind of a match here (3 maps almost guaranteed, unless NiP do not show up). VP did a lot better during their games earlier and they seem like they are here for another Major title, whereas NiP definitely aren’t!

Suggestion: Currently odds on CSGLounge are amazing if you’re planning on betting on VP! VP 55/45 NiP after the performances these two had? Sorry NiP fanboys, but these odds are too good to not bet on VP here. My suggestion is betting on VP, but how big you should bet (small, medium, big) should depend on your trust in Poles. The safest thing would be betting medium!

Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose! Good luck with your bets!

– Gekons

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