Na`Vi vs Virtus.Pro | 26/08/2015

Natus Vincere Virtus.Pro
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26/08/2015 PGL Season 1 Best-of-Three
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33% / 67% 2.407 / 1.471 Virtus.Pro 30% / 70% 7/10


Virtus.Pro are coming off of a great performance at last weekends ESL One Cologne 2015 Major. Although, they did fall short to the fnatic (the team that won the event) in the semi-final, they surely did put up a great fight versus the Swedes! Not only they made the series pretty close as there was a point where people were actually thinking that Poles could get away with this, the map they did win against fnatic was a total stomp – 16:6 at mirage! Looking even further back into the tournament, during their quarter-final match VP were matched up against the always-so-fearsome-on-Majors team Ninjas in Pyjamas, who turned out not to be up for the task of handling Poles, as they rolled over the Ninjas in a quite easy way. Other than that, they performed exceptionally well during the group stage matches scoring victories against Immunity from Australia (16:8 at cobblestone) and Cloud9 (16:8 at cobblestone again). All in all – Poles had a great event, and with a little bit of luck they would have had the chance to fight for another Major title!

Natus Vincere

During the ESL One Cologne 2015 Major, CIS powerhouse clearly did not live up to their expectations  leaving fans all over the world with disappointment in their hearts! They exited the event at quarter-finals, losing the series against overall 2nd place team from France namely EnVyUs. Although, they did put up a good fight versus the Frenchmen, they felt a little bit lost during the event itself. Also, their group stage matches did not go quite as smooth as one would expect – they came way too close for comfort in their opening game versus freshly reshuffled Titan roster (19:17 at overpass) and then got totally trashed by monstrous looking fnatic (2:16 at inferno). Although, they did somehow manage to overcome the boys from North America (CLG) in the last and deciding match for the spot in the play-offs (16:14 at cobblestone), I think CS:GO fans all over the world were quite disappointed in Na`Vi’s results during the Major!

The Match-up

Anyone who has been following CS:GO scene for past few months just knows that at this point VP is Na`Vi’s kryptonite! The last time these two met was back at CEVO Season 7 finals, where VP took out Na`Vi in the grand finals with a 1:3 scoreline (8:16 overpass; 11:16 cache; 16:7 cobblestone; 15:19 mirage). Worth mentioning that during the CEVO Season 7 Finals these two teams were also placed in the same group, and surprise, surprise – during the group stage Bo3 series VP also took out Na`Vi 0:2 (15:19 overpass; 5:16 train). At this point it’s pretty obvious that VP has Na`Vi’s numbers, and TaZ & co have CIS team all figured out! Plus, VP (as mentioned above) did perform much better during the last event these two attended – The Major!

Prediction:  I think that VP has this in the bag! Not only they have a clear advantage over the boys from Na`Vi, but also this is a Bo3 series, not one of those unpredictable Bo1 games, where anything can happen! I am pretty sold on VP’s performance during the Major, and I do think that Na`Vi have a problem or two within their team, that should take more than couple of days to be figured out! On paper, this is a no-brainer – Poles all the way!

Suggestion: As this is an online game, and we all know how shaky VP have been during their online games in the past, I suggest you skipping this one or betting small on Na`Vi IF you feel like Poles are not trust-worthy of your skins/money!

Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose! Good luck with your bets!

– Gekons

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