Tricked vs. Rogue | 07/12/16

Date League Match type
07/12/2016 eSports ArcadeTV Best of 3
TBA logo Odds Our Pick Our Odds Risk level
1.42 / 2.51 Rogue 55 / 45 9 /10


The boys showed a very good, high-quality game, winning team Godsent. Decent, good and clear the game was on the horns at the peak of the Swedes – Train. After losing a foreign peak gathered they showed a less good game for the attack on the map but I think Overpass. not for anybody not a secret, that is considered a strong point CT. Turning for CT, Rogues took nine rounds of PT thus formed additional rounds. Additional rounds left for the Danes with a score of 4: 2, the final result map (19:17).

Next match postponed to the next card, Dust 2. It would seem that everyone is able to ride the card do not need a lot of time to kill on tactics, with the experience and if the team knows what team play, then the card should go into their piggy bank. but it is obvious words are not Swedes. Rogues have again 7 rounds per side T, going for CT, not with great confidence, but still managed to pick up the card. The final score cards Dust 2 – 16:14. The final score of the match – 2: 1 in favor of the Rogue.


Yesterday, for these guys had a very good day, we beat Epsilon Hype, EPG. The guys now there is a very good, strong-willed series of victories. One can see immediately that the guys came to win and motivation they have, but I think that for them the tournament is not so much important as Global Offensive Champions League Season 5, I think that the guys are not so much to take this tournament and not so much to prepare to Rogue.

And it is in vain, because Rogue is now very motivated to win, it is possible to understand their game and approach to games, not to mention about their training, look at their hours of training above. I see no reason here to paint a lot about this team, it is the Display, it knows the right number of players, analysts, and even just spectators.
The result of all this is that this is not some kind of stack, and a very good opponent, the opponent team for the Rogue. And it is then that this match will be very interesting, good quality, and most likely we will see all 3 cards.


Match with a prize of $ 5,000. Today will be decided who will take the third place and will leave from the tournament. The winner will play with Penta Sports / LDLC for the first / second place.


The match will be very controversial, but I hope and believe very strongly that the Rogue will be able to show the same game as confident with Godsent.
It is advisable to skip this match, it is better to put on LDLC vs Penta Sports. If you do decide to bet on this match, then put 5-10% of your bank in the Rogue team victory.

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