Astralis vs. OpTiC | 08/12/16

Date League Match type
08/12/2016 ECS Season 2 Best of 3
TBA logo Odds Our Pick Our Odds Risk level
1.49 / 2.33 OpTiC Gaming 50 / 50 8 /10

OpTiC Gaming:

Optic – pretty strong team, which won Elihu beating
astralis team in the finals with a score of 2-1 on the cards.
Many say the guys were just lucky, but you must understand that
you can not beat just 3 top team, namely: Mouse (2-0), Faze
(2-0), Astralis (2-1).

And that we have to remind me access to the major and guys
will perspire. I note srl all players have an optometrist, each
It fulfills its role in the team and there is no such that drag the team for
someone. About shooting guys doing well, as well as on tactics and
main thing is that what guys know how to read opponents.


With the advent of Astralis – gla1ve team came to life and it shows in the last
matches. Guys just beaten a lot of top teams, although I can not
NPC called a top team, and they beat SK 2-0, but you
watch that is happening with them lately, they just gave astralisam
game, as there were a lot of errors.

Look at the map:

Cobble- very good card for an optometrist, the guys on it like “fish in water”
and here at astralis will have problems on this map, it is against opticians
since the game at the opticians, aggressive, and it is very difficult to read, as do
Different fast outputs, outputs are in Smoke, etc.

Overpass – This map optician has played up his opponents
and in fact, if they did it easily, but now access to the major
and everything will be different. I think this card and will play teams.

Train- Astralis show very good protection on it, but the guys have
astralisy know how to play it, where someone is, where who goes, who where
running out, I think the optics are simply moral pressure Astralis team
on this map, making some slow rounds with access to 30 seconds.


Guys this format b1, I do not think that such astralisy straight top.
optics proved it on Elihu, and I do not think they will have problems with
astrali. I advise your voice I give it Optic team.

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