Astralis vs. SK Gaming | 11/12/16

Date League Match type
11/12/2016 ECS Season 2 Best of 3
TBA logo Odds Our Pick Our Odds Risk level
1.56 / 2.21 Astralis 55 / 45 5 /10

SK Gaming:

Perhaps I’ll start with the children, who not so long ago decided to get rid of their fifth player “fnx”. Accurate information does not appear due to which part of the Brazilian decided to get rid of this guy. Rumors go that fnx slept with a girl! Fer, which is not very logical. For such are not excluded from the team, because eSports – it works, where each member of the team must give everything to the full. The Brazilian team is now in a very controversial manner. They came to the tournament, dignitas lost with a huge score was thought to their very strong card, but the overpass – it’s a team card, while SK replacement player fnx on fox. In my opinion this is crazy substitution, because fox – it AWP.

Rofler he was not very good, always dies first, and the first game so all merged to 0-0-8, and even more. Now go very big debate around this team, and whether the Brazilians will be able to show his old high? In fact, coming out from the bottom of the grid, beat Astralis, and then not very strong opponent EnVyUs vs OpTic, you can win your next tournament for SK. After all, surely they are hungry, they say many commentators SLTV. The boys won the major tournament, and after he did not manage to win them. First month of rest, then replace, and then team instability. So much so, that the expelled guy who won two major, who helped him and thanks to him in some part, too, win a lot of tournaments.

After fnx – this is a very talented and a good player that I can not say about the fox. It is possible that fox is playing well, but understand the fact that he plays well only with the “AWP”, but why it took SK? After a major role AWP Brazilians regains FalleN, and the second sniper was always Coldzera.
Very strange decision to change the composition.


This group, too, has managed not without substitutions. Changed karrigana on gla1ve. Both players were and are the leaders of their teams, but one was very passive because of what the guys from Denmark could not achieve anything while Dignitas occupied a decent place. I’ve always liked these guys with my game, but after replacing karrigana on gla1ve, I am very happy for these guys. They began to gain momentum in a very good online part of ECS season 2. They came with a group from the first place beating OpTic very comfortable with the score and not without Faze, where they just simply flew away with a score of 16-3 and 16-7 with Feyziyev. They showed the guys that they are ready for this tournament, but here it is possible to argue. For the guys have got not very strong opponents, it does not tell much if OpTic champions ELEAGUE Season 2.

Yes, they are the champions, but how to staff who took one tournament to the next does not come out even with the group. OpTic out of course, but they had very good to sweat for it. In fact, on ELEAGUE guys preparing for SK, they knew that SK will train pikat against them, and they defeated them there, breaking their streak of victories in their most powerful card is believed to them. The Danes have more seriously to take this game. OpTic can fly off from EnVyUs today, defeating SK they can play against Envy, but I would not say that this is a very strong opponent to the current form of the Danes.

Well, or play against OpTic.
After losing in ELEAGUE final, won on the first day on the LAN ECS season 2 best of 1 OpTic team as well and best of 3 – it is a chance to avenge Canadians and reach the final, but already there is a point to deliver beautiful with beautiful figures of the prize.


| Team Training SK |
Fallen = 76.1 hours in the last 2 weeks. | Status: Offline
fer = 57.6 hours in the last 2 weeks. | Status: Offline
coldzera = 84.7 hours in the last 2 weeks. | Status: Offline
TACO = 87.4 hours in the last 2 weeks. | Status: Offline
fox = 69.9 hours in the last 2 weeks. | Status: Offline


The match will be very intense. The Danes will argue that they do not knowingly updated the structure and will try to take the cup and the title of champions of the tournament. Brazilians will argue that it is not in vain fnxa replaced by foxa. My personal factors Astralis 55-45 in favor of the team. Therefore, your vote, I give the Danish team. Many do not put on this match, it is better just look good CS and dignified struggle.

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