Cloud9 vs. FaZe Clan | 15/12/16

Date League Match type
15/12/2016 ELEAGUE Qualifiers Best of 3
TBA logo Odds Our Pick Our Odds Risk level
1.52 / 2.29 FaZe Clan 50 / 50 10 /10


The team from America. The last tournament where were guys was ECS Season 2. There are losers in the grid were weaker than the team OPTIC, although won the first map, then led to the second with a score of 12: 3, and the third – 10: 5. We played guys in the American minor, which also took second place, losing Immortals. The team lost its shape, it’s not the guys who were on the ESL Season 4. Sniper skadoodle team does not show good results that have been previously. It is possible that after this tournament, after the holidays, children can collect the form, which was. I note that Cloud9 got a very interesting way, namely the American finalists minor.

FaZe Clan:

With the arrival of a new captain karrigan, team results improved. The teams met each other in the first days on ELEAGUE, ECS season 2 and again a match between these two teams. The basic game, or America will break losing streak in personal meetings, or whether it will continue. Recently I read in the social networks that guys want to have rest. I think that they will try to give everything in this tournament to have a slot at the major tournament to go on vacation, what could be better than a slot on a major tournament at the end of the year?

Maps: Mirage:

Between themselves, the guys played three times this card. All three times won FaZe invoicing 22:20, 19:17, 16-6. If we judge by personal meetings of both teams, then we understand that FaZe – favorites of this confrontation. Cloud9 a very serious recession. I think that children need a good rest.

Maps teams and my interest is to win for these commands:

Cache | 50-50
Dust | 50-50
Mirage | 55-45 FaZe
Nuke | 60-40 FaZe
Train | 50-50
Overpass | 55-45 FaZe
Cobblestone | 60-40 Cloud9


According to the results of FaZe guys have to close this meeting, and in general I see these guys as a receiving slot on the major tournament, my vote for FaZe team.

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