Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. OpTiC Gaming | 17/12/16

Date League Match type
17/12/2016 ELEAGUE Qualifiers Best of 3
TBA logo Odds Our Pick Our Odds Risk level
1.78 / 1.92 Ninjas in Pyjamas 60 / 40 5 /10

About NiP

The team of the highest level, behind these guys have years of training and match practice. Swedes to a small, but surprisingly lost one match in these qualifiers. It was a match against a team of HR (19-17). I can not say that the “ninja in pajamas” played badly yesterday, in yesterday’s game, I would just like to mention the staff, “Hellraiser”, which gave it 150% and still pulled out a victory. But now is not about the HR, in a NiP. The guys are now the favorites to access to the major. I think the guys are going to show a great game today and beat the Optic. Folder forest and Get_Right must pull the team up, and they do. Also xizt old enough not bad wins back recently with pyth. Only old friberg sometimes gives up the slack.

About OpTiC Gaming:

One of the most promising bands in recent years. North Americans have already taken ELEAGUE and reached the final losing only ECS Danish link of Astralis. In men, there is a great motivation to break into the major. They have already proven that they can beat teams NiP level. In recent years, hard-flies from the whole team. Especially the Spaniard mixwell, which is well very well played with “paddle”

The composition of NiP


The composition of OpTiC Gaming



An interesting match between two more or less equal teams. A major role in this confrontation will have teams of snipers. If f0rest from NiP or mixwell at Optic will be blocked by a sniper opponent, then there will be not easy the other four players. 55% vs. 45% in favor of NiP

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