Cloud9 vs. CLG Gaming | 18/12/16

Date League Match type
18/12/2016 ELEAGUE Qualifiers Best of 3
TBA logo Odds Our Pick Our Odds Risk level
1.17 / 3.64 Cloud9 80 / 20 2 /10


After winning the tournament ESL S4, which showed a very good game, shooting, communication went wild recession. The children can not find their game. Not consistently plays n0thing player in recent matches. As in qualifying matches to major tournament, lost two of three mirages, when this card was very well played by this team. Tightly leading to the first half of the Mirage maps, gave an advantage to the second half FaZe team. Bringing to additional rounds of the guys could not show anything extraordinary, giving them with a score of 4:2.

On the second day of games was a little mirror game, already leading with a tight score TyLoo team guys exchanging parties, took only 6 rounds per side attack. It is concluded that the Cloud9 team attack is not very strong. Play card Overpass this team last December 10 against OpTic team lost with a score of 16-12, the team gets rid of this card. Statistics are very good, but that it was before the recession, before they played well. Of the nine games lost only three, gone one defeat after winning ESL S4.


Strong game guys do not stand out, noting the individual player, I can not, all the same to me. On the first day lost is not a strong team of CIS, Vega. On the second day the guys luck with your opponent, playing against the Renegades. Victory from the Americans, no one expected for side protection guys scored a very good number of rounds from the account of 15:5, bringing the game to extra rounds, where all-giving, only one round of their opponents, closed meeting.

The third day the children are not very lucky with the draw, got on Dignitas team guys have given an appointment with a score of 16-9. Today, children can show the maximum, to come against CLG team. For this purpose there are all conditions, but only it were not too smart with map cards peak.

Status commands:

Both teams are not very understandable way, but the guys realize that one game decides for departure from the tournament. I think Cloud9 will look a little harder for their opponents, and will be able to join in time.


Cloud9 team plays much better on the Overpass map has more experience shooting better understanding of the cards must naturally be greater. Cast your vote for Cloud9 team, these guys have to close this meeting with him.

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