BOOYAKA vs. Zarlans | 25/12/16

Date League Match type
25/12/2016 HellCase Cup #1 Best of 3
TBA logo Odds Our Pick Our Odds Risk level
1.34 / 2.58 BOOYAKA 60 / 40 10 /10


About zARLANS information you can see below, to add only that the day before yesterday, the guys are very well played with Tengri, but still disappointed me very much, losing the last two cards on the special stages, though, and Mirage and Train were completely in their hands.


BOOYAKA is another stack Uncle Mitya, recently established before the start of the tournament. Teamwork at the team zero, so even players in the team is not particularly famous but hooch`a. Twin`y all 14 years old and he has a second lvl on Faceit`e, so he’s doing here do not understand. To be honest, I do not see any prospects of this mix, but still look like they will be able to express themselves and reveal whether.


On Hellcase position for both teams is not the best. BOOYAKA has not yet played a single match in the tournament, but even today, play with them is very difficult for a rival RuSh3D, where as for me they have little chance to be. In zARLANS still worse, they have already lost 2/3 of its oppositions, namely Tengri and RuSh3D, so this is their last meeting, which for them is practically solves nothing, because the guys most likely fly.

Collectives of course even among themselves are not met, so the move to the hours in the past two weeks.

What will the card is very difficult to determine, since Uncle Mitya mix have not played, so that once concluded.


Both teams enough chances to qualify from the group, but zARLANS stronger than his opponents on all fronts. And BOOYAKA is now very bad show with RuSh3D, so I think this game of Kazakhs zARLANS should take lightly in his piggy bank. No surprises here should not be.

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