Taufik “TAFA” Khidri: “I would like the Major-event for CS:GO in the CIS region”

Taufik «TAFA» Khidr – eSports commentator on CS 1.6, CS:GO, Point Blank, World of Tanks, and other disciplines. TAFA shared his thoughts on the most prominent eSports events of 2016 and summed up the year in CS:GO.

About World of Tanks

– Some time you comment on World of Tanks. Is it difficult to you was given the transition from CS in WoT?

– I did not leave too much of the CS. Just sometimes you have to work for the good of the company. I turned up a good project World of Tanks, which greatly helped us in the further development of the commenting departments Dota 2 and CS: GO, as well as in the championship from StarLadder.

Before I comment on Point Blank, and Bloodline Champions. Retrain it was easy, because I love the game and all my life wanted to work in this industry – or create them, or to engage in the organization of the championships. Since my childhood I knew that my life would be linked with computer games.

– Why the “tanks” were not another big eSports discipline? What prevented?

– Not much attention was paid to cyber department. And initially the game was made not as an eSports project. At the time, perhaps even ideas were not such. Game 15 15 difficult to implement in e-sports. There were problems with the spectator, fighting records difficulty tikreytami (refresh rate the game server – Ed.)., The server settings.

I’m waiting for some of the next project by Wargaming, maybe even the second “tanks”, if this is real. There, I think, the company pay more attention to eSports. But now Wargaming not lose heart, works together with the ESL, I spent a good season. Who can change the format and raises a big question: “What will happen next?”

About the “majors”

– Why the studio for CS: GO commented, “majors” is not a venue?

– Everything depends on the tournament organizers. They do not always pay attention to non-English studios. In the future, I think working with the venue will become the norm. SLTV Studio, in any case, next year on the “majors” will send journalists. They will send out the picture, we will show between matches. We all understand that now is not the level sought by modern broadcasting on CS. As long as they remain in the distant year 2010. We will try to improve the quality. I am glad that there was a competition that came from guys RuHub. I think we are all very much advance in the next year.

– In Dota 2 “majors” translates a single Russian-language studio in CS:GO is a struggle for them. Maybe we should take a cue from Dota 2?

– In the “Dote” it turned out that was the backbone of StarLaddera, then v1lat was here and around it all going. English-speaking commentators have also all worked out nice and wonderful. In CS:GO RuHub appeared only recently. I think that everything will come to the fact that we will cooperate, and not only on the “majors.” We conduct joint broadcast.

– Why the “major” in Dota 2 in Ukraine will hold a PGL, and not StarLadder? And whether it is necessary to wait in the CIS “major” in CS:GO?

– StarLadder, probably, and it will greatly help the children in Kiev. Remember that scene in Boston was doing too StarLadder. Well, that is a partnership, but would like to see all the same tournaments conducted in the regions, local companies, whether or StarLadder ESforce. But let’s see what will make PGL. We can not about it to say something until we see what will be the championship itself. I would very much like to see a “major” in CS: GO in the CIS. Valve’s kind of like saying that there will be only two “majors” of the year, and it is unclear whether ELEAGUE one of them. I hope no.

– V1lat said that in Kiev there are no good grounds for “majors”. Do you think it is possible to conduct a “major” by 10 thousand. Man there?

– Why are we on our “majors” immediately ask unrealistic figures? As far as I know, all the “majors” were in places where the bleachers can accommodate no more than 4 thousand. Spectators. Therefore, there will be room for about 4 thousand. Man. And there are locations in Kiev enough.

About commenting:

– On the Dota 2 scene in the CIS was a conflict between the players and commentators say, commentators insulted the players, and they are offended. Why CS:GO is no such?

– Because we’re all friends, acquaintances, and the players with their off-air talk in much more rough and tough shape, so there are no problems. But in general I am a supporter of positive comments to not to offend anyone, because we have to charge the contrary kids energy. We need to configure the audience into a positive.

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