Evgeny Zolotarev: “Salaries of some players reach the mark of 10 thousand conventional units.”

The head of the organization Natus Vincere Evgeny Zolotarev in an interview spoke about the new composition of Natus Vincere on Dota 2 and to contracts of professional players.

A new composition by Na’Vi Dota 2, and unlike last composition

“[Foreigners] are very different. They are more professional. We have significantly changed the training process, constantly going analysis of the opponents before the game. It was before, but not always: it was not in the mood, do not have time, someone was late. All of this is not available. Disciplinary problems have disappeared, in principle.

Even after we won the matches still going on parsing errors. We try not only to take new people, to give them a form and pay salaries. We are trying to work with them in terms of the reports of our values, expectations. We have a regular dialogue sessions with management, with each player individually. Now we plan to attract and psychologists. It is not found worthy candidates who are strong in psychology, and in the basic game understanding of what the guys are doing. ”

On the performance of contracts

“We have obligations to the sponsors, the players – obligations to us. Nevertheless, sometimes really have to run somewhere, somewhere to persuade. However, now the situation is better than before. A lot depends on the player and discipline. Daughtery, say, less open to media activities, and the harder it is given to them.

on the Counter-Strike team almost with pleasure and makes everything smoothly, because they understand why they need it. Any activity – not only the development of the brand Natus Vincere, but also their personal brands. The more the player Stream, appears at events, the higher the income and may be more serious contract. Transfer cost is also increasing. ”

On the earnings kibersportsmenov

“The question that interests everyone. It depends on the game discipline. There are mobile eSports – Vainglory. There salaries can start from $ 500. In League of Legends of the salaries paid by the organization of the offset Riot Games. In Dota 2 small salaries – from 1 to 5-6 thousand dollars, but there is a very big prize.

In the year of the tournament held 2-3 3-4 million prize. There is The International, where the prize can reach 20 million If we talk about Counter-Strike, there Major tournaments -. One million. Prize fund – $ 1 million a year passes 2 tournament. At other competitions CS play approximately 250 thousand or more. Accordingly, Photocopier salary higher than that Daughtery. They also start from 1-1.5 dollars. Sometimes reach 10,000 or more, as in some American compositions. From prize-winning players get almost everything: 80-100% of the prize pool depending on the organization. ”

Now imagine how many earned Astralis players after winning the 2017 ELEAGUE Major :)

Just a week remains for the match Dreamhack: Las Vegas in 2017, stocked with patience and collect statistics for teams to earn with us.

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