Mathias “MSL” Lauridsen: “contract with FC” Copenhagen “a big step”

North Matthias “the MSL” Lauridsen captain in an interview with the German division of the portal spoke about the contract with FC “Copenhagen” and a bunch of players Emil «Magiskb0Y» Rafe and Christian «k0nfig» Vineke.

A contract with FC “Copenhagen”

“I think this is the biggest step, which is possible in Denmark. I always looked up to “Copenhagen”, as the biggest sports club in the whole of Scandinavia. So this is a dream come true – to sign a contract with the club and training in the arena of “Park”. The advantages are that they are very professional. They know how to treat its players, take care of them. And, of course, a big plus is that the club office in Copenhagen. Therefore, we have a place for bootcamp in the prepared room with computers and other things. ”

A pair Emile «Magiskb0Y» Rafe and Christian «k0nfig» Vineke

“We are not talking about working with one or two players. I work with the whole team as a unit. I want everyone to feel comfortable in their roles, but at the same time doing what is required. I just think that k0nfig and Magiskb0Y good role and position in which they are comfortable. At the same time they have an amazing accuracy, and finally, but not least, the confidence of other team members. ”

About care karrigan of Astralis

“I think karrigan did not feel the confidence of the players, and the players do not trust him, and this is a losing situation. Go to the FaZe Clan gave him the motivation to show new players, what he can do. <…> Astralis just need a real leader who can deny superstars and show them a structured game, built on trust. “

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