​HLTV and rating the top ten teams in CS:GO

February 6 portal is one of the reputable portals updated ranking of thirty of the best teams in the world. Team Natus Vincere took sixth place in it, and Gambit Esports – ninth. Positions in the ranking compared to last month, most of the teams have changed. 26 of the 30 teams have changed position in the ranking compared to the version of 30 January. The first two places were teams Astralis and G2A. Team Natus Vincere G2A rose by 3 lines and is located on the 6th place. The top 10 also included staff Gambit Esports. OpTic Gaming also fell by 4 positions, eventually taking 8th place.

In the top 10 semifinalists was not passed The ELEAGUE Major 2017 fnatic. Followed by the Swedes in the 12 place is a new composition of the G2 Esports. Former team Nathan «NBK» Schmitt – Team EnVyUs – is no longer represented in the rankings. Also and all Epsilon eSports team bottom of the rankings improved position with respect to the previous month. The Russian team Vega Squadron climbed to 2 lines, taking the 27th place of the table. Location command in the table depends on the number of points.

Up to 500 teams get points for the achievements during the year; featured in this month’s shape allows you to earn up to 200 points; performance at LAN-tournaments give up to 300. The results of meetings online only affect the form of points for the game. Also, the effect on the rating of a change in the collective compositions.

And how do you think this rating is whether constructive? All events in eSport, we try to cover for you in our section “News”.

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