Andrew “Kimi” Kwasniewski resigned as manager Dota 2 organization structure

Guide responded to the disastrous performance of the team during qualifying for the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017. According to general manager Roman Dvoryankin, ended manager Dota 2 – Andrew «Kimi» Kwasniewski – was removed from his post and left the team. Andrew «Kimi» Kwasniewski

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Dvoryankin Roman, General Manager

“Last week in the first game of qualification to the DAC from our staff on the Dota 2 have a problem with your Internet connection. In 2017, such things are not valid even for amateur mixes. On Monday, we are a victim of DDOS-attack, which also could be prevent. I was head of the organization bear responsibility for it and I want to apologize to the fans and the shareholders of the team. We have also decided that Dota manager 2 staff Andrew Kwasniewski leaving the team. I would like to wish Andrew every success in the future. it was not an easy decision. More unwrapped comment on the situation Dvoryankin Roman will soon ”

– Andrew «Kimi» Kwasniewski – Former commentator Dota 2. Worked in tournaments and Techlabs Game Show Studio. From November 2014 was manager of the composition of Natus Vincere G2A in the discipline of Dota 2, and assisted in the management of the compositions on Heroes of the Storm, and Hearthstone. In October 2016 Kwasniewski moved from Na`Vi in G2A and up to February 7, 2017 he worked in the composition manager for Dota 2.

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