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Since CS:GO has become such a competitive sport nowadays, people around the world are given the opportunity to gamble their skins and/or money on games played within the competitive scene. With the opportunity given (gambling on eSports), it’s only logical that only very few people have the time to gather the knowledge of competitive CS:GO scene to succeed in their betting adventures, meaning that a lot of people are left out not knowing crucial aspects of how teams are performing etc.

Although, they may find some help if they seek well enough for it (various internet forums and betting advice projects), we here at feel like people are often misinformed by people who pretend they are trust-worthy and know everything about the scene, when in reality their analyses is weak and they are purely biased towards specific teams! So start a project  –

The main purpose of starting the project was to share our knowledge about the professional CS:GO scene and use our analytical skills to make qualitative and in-depth analyses of various CS:GO match ups within the competitive scene. We are here to help people make extra profit, not extra expenses with cs go bets!

As of now, we’re working towards expanding our crew with few new analysts and also towards improving our webpage with various changes that would help you enjoy the website even more!

We’re trying to cover as many top level matches from all over the world as possible, but the main priority will always be on matches within Europe.

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