ESL One Katowice 2015 March Coverage


Tomorrow starts a 5th $250,000 major CS:GO event, where 16 teams will be fighting for title and huge amount of money in Spodek Arena, Katowice.

We, EASYCSGOBETS.COM, have decided to make a coverage for “IEM Katowice 2015” with in-depth analysis of every game throughout the whole tournament. We’re mainly focusing on providing the most qualitative analysis based on our experience to win easy skins. We can’t predict 100% of the games correct, but we’re trying and improving every day since we launched the website.

If any questions – feel free to Contact us. All the contacts you can find on our Abous Us page.

Prize pool

1st place – $100,000
2nd place – $50,000
3rd-4th place – $22,000
5th-8th place – $10,000
9th-16th place – $2,000



fnatic csgo logo

JW flusha pronax krimz olofm
fnatik jw csgo fnatik flusha csgo fnatik krimz csgo fnatik olofm csgo

Team se fnatic has been in CS:GO since its release. First few years they didn’t have any real achievments besides winning the first major against NiP which at that time was a very big achievment, because NiP was dominating the scene. After that they didn’t have any achievments and they decided to release Devilwalk and schneider to add ex-LGB duo krimz and olofmeister. After practicing they became top1 team in the world with a lot of achievements since adding krimz and olofmeister. Their biggest rivalry at this point is EnVyUS for the top1 spot in the world.

This team is always having a hard time against Ex6TenZ’s Titan, because Ex6TenZ knows exactly how pronax’s team plays and he’s a very big tactician in CS:GO.

This team also has always very tough games against their swedish rivalry NiP. Currently this team is in very good form after having a big slump, because they received a lot of hate from the community after DHW’14 where they used an overpowered boost to get an advantage against EnVyUS and also their one of the best players flusha received a lot of hate following cheating accusations.



HellRaisers logo

Team cis HellRaisers is a CIS team and a great team overall, however for some reason they can’t succeed and reach the top, even though they are completely capable of doing that. In early 2015th they released markeloff and s1mple to add flamie and AdreN. The reason of releasing markeloff was probably because of lack of motivation and s1mple because he has an ESL ban due to cheating and making a second account. This team has not got any notable achievements, however they have caused a lot of troubles to the top teams before.

Many think that releasing markeloff and s1mple was a bad idea, because s1mple was a mad-fragger and markeloff is an old, experienced player, but others think that adding flamie gave them a boost. Time will show. This team is capable of beating anything and anyone, but they lack something and hopefully they will fix it, so we can see them in top5 very soon.

AdreN Dosia ANGE1 kucheR  flamie
HR AdreN HR Dosia HR ANGE1 HR kucheR HR flamie



Natus Vincere

NaVi Logo

ua Natus Vincere is a very well known organisation in Esports. They have been in the scene since the release of CS:GO and also they were a strong team in CS 1.6. This organisation has one of the most successful DOTA2 squads and also this CS:GO squad, which is not quite successful yet.

This team has a lot of firepower and one of the best IGL’s, but somehow they can’t manage to reach top3 placings in majors/big tournaments. GuardiaN is one of the greatest awp’ers in CS:GO and seized is a very young, but good rifler and a good addition to this team. Then they have oldies – starix, Edward and Zeus who have been in this squad since 2010. Edward, seized, Guardian and starix are all capable of beating the top teams with an IGL like Zeus, but they somehow always lose to teams like EnVyUS, fnatic, NiP etc. in a close BO3 series.


starix seized Zeus GuardiaN  Edward
NaVi starix CSGO // 150w // 100w // 90w" sizes="(max-width: 200px) 100vw 200px" /> NaVi seized CSGO zeus NaVi Guardian CSGO NaVi Edward CSGO


Nynjas in Pyjamas


se Ninjas in Pyjamas is probably the oldest team in CS:GO scene and in eSports scene in general. This team has achieved the most in CS:GO scene such as winning 87 maps in a row without even losing one and winning ESL Cologne 2014. This team is known for being very consistent on LAN tournaments, however they are playing very sloppy online. This team has f0rest and GeT_RiGhT who were in top3 of the best players in the world at CS 1.6.

Their original roster was Xizt, f0rest, GeT_RiGhT, friberg and Fifflaren, but in 2014th, Fifflaren quit the team, because he couldn’t perform as good as his teammates and they were searching for a new fifth player, tried out few of them and signed Maikelele (previously known as eksem). They played quite a long time with him and even managed to take a second place in DreamHack Winter 2014th losing 2-1 in maps against ex-LDLC (known as EnVyUS). After releasing Maikelele because of the lack of experience they tried out Delpan and he showed some great results, however NiP wasn’t quite impressed by that and they decided to try out Finnish superstar allu, who later they signed for NiP.

Their biggest rivalry is fnatic. They have always had very close games on LAN and online. The other rivalry for them is EnVyUS with who they also always have very close games.

f0rest GeT_RiGhT Xizt friberg allu
NiP f0rest CSGO // 150w // 100w // 90w" sizes="(max-width: 200px) 100vw 200px" /> NiP GeT_RiGhT CSGO NiP xizt CSGO friberg NiP allu CSGO




Team EnVyUs logo

Current roster of Team fr EnVyUS is ex-LDLC team which has been picked up by North American organisation EnVyUS. This team is currently ranked as a second best team in the world right after fnatic, who are they biggest rivarly for a top1 place in the world. The most notable achievment of this team is winning “Dreamhack Winter 2014″ after beating NiP 2-1 in finals. This team is known for having some mental barrier when playing against fnatic and that is why they have never won any bo3 against them. This team is playing better on LAN than Online, however they’re showing great results online as well. This team is very dangerous when all the players are on fire, especially shox and Happy. These are the most dangerous guys in this team and close to them are kioShima, NBK and Smithzz.

NBK SmithZz Happy shox  kioShima
EnVyUs NBK CSGO // 150w // 100w // 90w" sizes="(max-width: 200px) 100vw 200px" /> EnVyUs SmithZz CSGO EnVyUs Happy CSGO EnVyUs shox CSGO EnVyUs Kioshima



de Penta is a German team that has been their hope since the end of 2014. This team has caused many upsets in the tournaments such as beating Virtus.Pro to knock them out of the tournament at ASUS ROG. This team just had a roster change, saying “bye bye” to strux1 and adding Troubley who is their current ingame leader. This team is promising, but they lack experience on bigger lan tournaments. Once they will get the experience needed – they’ll be a team to fear.


Troubley kRYSTAL nex Spidii  denis
TBA logo TBA logo TBA logo TBA logo TBA logo


Team SoloMid

Team SoloMid logo

Current roster of dk Team SoloMid (TSM) are ex-Dignitas team which has been picked up by North American organisation called Team SoloMid which is one of the best organisations in the North America in early 2015. This team has already shown great results on LAN events such as MLG Aspen where they got 3rd place after beating Fnatic in a BO3 series. Online results are very promising, however this team is famous for getting DDOS’d online and often they’re using stand-ins’ for their online matches.

dupreeh device Xyp9x  karrigan cajunb
TSM dupreeh CSGO // 150w // 100w // 90w" sizes="(max-width: 200px) 100vw 200px" /> TSM device CSGO TSM Xyp9x CSGO TSM karrigan CSGO TSM cajunb CSGO

VP logo

pl has three players from old GoldenFive pasza, neo and Taz with addition of two youngsters byali and snax. This team has been in the scene since release of the game, but with different organisations. is a russian organisation which was represented by Dosia, kucher, ANGE1, AdreN, Fox and Guardian at some point in 2012, but that team disbanded and now these players are in teams known as HellRaisers and Na`Vi.

After signing this polish squad, they had mixed results. Their biggest achievments are winning IEM Katowice 2014 and Gfinity 3. pasza was 3rd best player in the world, in 2014, snax was 4th best player in the world in 2014 and byali was 13th best player in the world in 2014.

This team is very inconsistent, but also they can be very dangerous when pasza, snax and byali are on point. Online this team is playing not that good, but on LAN they’re playing a lot better. This team is definitely one of the best teams in the world alongside with EnVyUS, NiP, fnatic, TSM, and Titan.

Neo pasza TaZ Snax  byali
VP Neo VP pasza VP Taz VP snax VP Byali




fi 3DMAX has just parted ways with allu and added xartE instead him to play in IEM Katowice 2015. This is a tier2 team, but can cause some upsets against better opponents. This team just won LanTrek 2015 beating Menace 2-0 in maps. This team hasn’t got any notable achievements except qualifying to IEM Katowice 2015 and we’re looking forward to see some great results, because they have some great riflers in face on KHRN and disturbed, and also a very good awp’er in face of stonde.

xartE KHRN stonde natu dISTURBED


LGB Esports


se LGB are previously known as London Conspiracy, this team got picked up by Swedish organisation LGB and since then they’re playing a lot better than they used to. They’ve managed to do some damage online and upset some of the top teams. They’ve been playing quite well and now they’ve qualified for IEM Katowice 2015 where they will compete for that 250k$ prize pool.

zEVES is the best in-game leader in Norway and he’s actually a pretty decent rifler.
Polly is one of the best snipers in Norway and when he’s on point – he’s pretty scary.
rain, RUBINO and jkaem are very good riflers and jkaem is a young talent who can do a lot of damage single handedly.

This team hasn’t got any notable achievements, but they did win Virtus.Pro at iOS Pantamera (I might be mistaken on this).

RUBINO rain zEVES Polly  jkaem



Titan logo

fr Titan has been in the scene since the release of the game and they played as VeryGames untill 2014 when they got picked up by Titan, because VeryGames couldn’t sponsor them anymore due to the lack of funds. The roster of this team at that point was NBK, SmithZz, Ex6TenZ, shox and ScreaM.

This team had a very hard year in 2014 after shox left the team, because he couldn’t live in Titan’s bootcamp all the time and shox joined Clan-Mystik instead of kennyS who got picked up by Titan.
After a while NBK and Smithzz left the team to make their own team and they picked up shox, Happy and kioShima who were playing in Clan-Mystik and old while Titan picked up KQLY, apEX and Maniac from the old lineup and ScreaM was kicked from Titan.

In the end of 2014, Titan’s KQLY got VAC banned for using cheats and team couldn’t go to the major, because they got disqualified. After that they’ve been on a hunt for a new player and they picked up RpK who just started to play CS:GO after having a 2 years break.

apEX Maniac Ex6TenZ kennyS  RPK
Titan apEX // 150w // 100w // 90w // 400w" sizes="(max-width: 180px) 100vw 180px" /> Titan Maniac Titan Ex6TenZ Titan kennyS Titan RPK



C9 logo

us Cloud9 is arguably the best team in NA currently, even though a lot of people are saying that they are bad and overhyped. Their current biggest rivalry for the top1 spot is Counter Logic Gaming (CLG). This team hasn’t been showing great results as of late, but they’re definitely not a bad team overall. They manage to beat almost every team in NA in a BO3 series, however in BO1’s they are playing pretty bad. They have had some bad online results because of DDOS as well and playing with a stand-in caused them some bad runs, but overall this team is very good and we think that this team is definitely top1-2 team in NA.

This team is great because they have n0thing (incredibly talented player, but lacks motivation) and shroud (probably the best aimer in NA, but lacks experience), and a mediocre awp’er ShahZaM (lacks of experience, trying to do a lot of flashy plays which often leads C9 to play 4v5 situations). Sgares is known for calling weird tactics and weird buys, however in NA it’s pretty default and often works. Semphis is good when he’s on point, but other than that he’s a mediocre player.

shroud n0thing sgares semphis  ShahZaM
C9 shroud // 150w // 100w // 90w" sizes="(max-width: 200px) 100vw 200px" /> C9 n0thing C9 sgares C9 semphis C9 Shahzam


Counter Logic Gaming

CLG Logo

us Counter Logic Gaming picked up this squad of new talents in early 2015 and this team has already shown some great results such as beating EnVyUS on de_dust2 at MLG Aspen and qualifying to IEM Katowice 2015 beating Gamers2 16-14 and Titan 16-14. In the NA scene this team is arguably top1-2 team and they are showing some great results online, however on lan they’re a bit worse and that is caused by lack of experience on bigger LAN tournaments.

This team’s IGL is ptr who is also a very good AWP’er. He can entry-frag and hold sites single-handedly when he’s on point. This team also has some very good riflers in face of cutler and tarik. When these guys are on point – almost noone in NA can stop them. Tarik was playing bad at MLG Aspen, however in Katowice Offline Qualifier in Poland he almost single-handedly destroyed Titan being something around 20 bomb in 10 rounds.

If these guys will stick together and continue to play like they usually do, then they’re very good contenders on taking TOP1 NA spot in NA and be able to compete internationally with our European greatest teams.

Cutler FNS ptr tarik  hazed


FlipSid3 Tactics


ua FlipSid3 Tactics are previously known as dAT Team, team has been picked up by Swedish organisation called “FlipSid3 Tactics”. This team is one of the best teams in CIS region and they already proved it by beating their Ukrainian/CIS rivals Na`Vi and HellRaisers in BO3 series, beating convincingly in fashion. Markeloff and S1mple previously played for HellRaisers, but got cut from the team to bring in flamie and AdreN who were playing for dAT Team.

s1mple and WorldEdit are both great awp’ers and now, in FlipSid3 Tactics, WorldEdit is the main awp’er and s1mple is second awp player/rifler. Unfortunately s1mple will not be able to help his team in Katowice, as he has been banned by ESL untill 2016th for cheating and making a second account on ESL website.

B1ad3 is one of the best (arguably the best) IGL in CIS region and has been playing for more than 10 years already. He was also the reason HellRaisers could beat fnatic in DreamHack Winter 2014, as he was the couch for them at that time.

bondik and markeloff are both great riflers and with experience combined of B1ad3 and markeloff they can make it far. Hopefully this team will show us some more great results in the future.


Keyd Stars

Keyd Stars logo

br Keyd Stars are previously known as KabuM.TD has been picked up by other Brazilian organisation called Keyd Stars. This team was a big surprise to everyone when they came to MLG Aspen and almost nobody believed that they can put up the fight, but after they convincingly smashed C9 16-4 at de_mirage – everyone started to think that they might have some talent. After showing a decent result on MLG Aspen, they stayed in America to bootcamp for ClutchCon where they also showed some great results beating fnatic 16-7 on de_mirage, but got smashed in 2 other maps, also got smashed by TSM on de_dust2.

Since then they’ve been practicing and scriming quite a lot and they are showing some great results in scrims beating top5 teams in NA on different maps. Everyone thinks that they can only play mirage, but a lot of people actually realised by now that they can also play other maps on decent level.

After that they were gathering money and asking help from the community to reach their dream – go to Katowice qualification and try to qualify for the major. The community donated a lot of money and this team was able to go to Katowice and they actually managed to qualify despite the fact that nobody believed in them.

steel FalleN boltz fer  zqk



VOX Eminor



au VOX Eminor is a great team from Australia. We have not followed them as much, but as far as I know they can do some damage because of firepower like jks and Havoc. I have seen some of their games and I can tell that they are a pretty good tier2 team, however in Australia they are currently a top1 team. They qualified for Katowice by beating 3DMAX and mouz (might be mistaken) in a BO1.

// 150w // 100w // 90w" sizes="(max-width: 200px) 100vw 200px" />



Timezone: Europe/Copenhagen

Thursday, March 12
Date Team 1 Team 2 Code Prediction
13:00 EnVyUs Titan EnVyUs  Analysis
13:00 LGB PENTA Sports LGB Analysis
14:10 EnVyUs LGB EnVyUs Analysis
14:10 Titan PENTA Sports A3 Analysis
14:10 Vox Eminor fnatic fnatic Analysis
14:10 Na'Vi FlipSid3 Tactics Na'Vi Analysis
15:20 Winner B1 Winner B2   Analysis
15:20 Winner A4 Winner A3 B4 Analysis
15:20 Loser B1 Loser B2 B3 Analysis
16:20 NiP Keyd Stars C1 Analysis
16:20 CLG HellRaisers C2 Analysis
16:20 Loser B4 Winner B3 Analysis
17:40  Winner C1 Winner C2 C4 Analysis
17:40 Loser C1 Loser C2 C3 Analysis
18:30 3DMAX D1 Analysis
18:30 Cloud9 Team SoloMid D2 Analysis
18:50 Loser C4 Winner C3   Analysis
19:40 Loser D1 Loser D2 D3 Analysis
20:00 Winner D1 Winner D2 D4 Analysis
21:10 Loser D4 Winner D3   Analysis


Friday, March 13
Date Team 1 Team 2
13:00  Quarter-final #1
16:00  Quarter-final #2
19:00  Quarter-final #3


Saturday, March 14
Date Team 1 Team 2
13:00  Quarter-final #4
16:00  Semi-final #1
19:00 Semi-final #2


Sunday, March 15
Date Team 1 Team 2
13:00  Grand final


Pick’Em Challenge

Thursday, March 12

Group A
fnatic Na'Vi
fnatgfic_sticker  navi_sticker
Group B
Titan EnVyUs
titan  envyus
Group C
Nynjas in Pyjamas HellRaisers
nip_sticker  hr_sticker
Group D Team SoloMid
virtuspro_sticker  tsm_sticker

Friday, March 13

EnVyUs fnatic
fnatgfic_sticker  envyus
nip_sticker  virtuspro_sticker

Saturday, March 14

fnatgfic_sticker  nip_sticker

Sunday, March 15



de_mirage de_inferno de_nuke de_dust2
CSGO de_mirage // 150w // 100w // 90w // 32w" sizes="(max-width: 200px) 100vw 200px" /> CSGO de_inferno2 CSGO de_nuke CSGO de_dust2
de_cobblestone  de_overpass  de_cache
// 150w // 100w // 90w // 32w" sizes="(max-width: 200px) 100vw 200px" /> CSGO de_overpass CSGO de_cache


Prediction Statistics

Game Date League Match Type Maps Pick Risk Level Won Outcome Match Analysis
EnVyUs vs Titan 12/03/2015 ESL One Katowice BO1 de_cobblestone EnVyUs 10 EnVyUs 16:14 Analysis
LGB vs Penta 12/03/2015 ESL One Katowice BO1 de_dust2 Penta 10 LGB 3:16 Analysis
Vox Eminor vs fnatic 12/03/2015 ESL One Katowice de_inferno TBA fnatic 10 fnatic 3:16 Analysis
Na'Vi vs FlipSid3 12/03/2015 ESL One Katowice BO1 de_mirage Na'Vi 10 Na'Vi 16:2 Analysis
CLG vs HR 12/03/2015 ESL One Katowice BO1 10 HR 10 CLG 16:14 Analysis
EnVyUs vs Na'Vi 12/03/2015 ESL One Katowice BO3 10 EnVyUs 10 EnVyUs 16:12 / 14:16 / 16:3 Analysis