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For a long time, after the transition from 1.6 to CS:GO, Na`Vi has had a hard time to compete with the best teams in world. Whether the problem has been their roster at the time of the transition or their inability to cooperate in order to achieve success within the new game, they always seemed good, but not quite there.

As of now, we can finally talk about Na`Vi as a stable top team within the modern CS:GO scene. With the current roster they have finally managed to break out of their shell and prove not only to themselves, but to other top teams as well that they truly are a top tier team and should be treated that way.

The key part of Na`Vi’s recent success has definitely been their perfect mixture of old experienced players, like Zeus and Edward, and new blood-thirsty players such as seized, flamie and GuardiaN. At the moment they have a great IGL in form of Zeus, not to mention he is backed up by starix (coach) in the tactical department, the spine of the team, GuardiaN, who is their most talented player, and three players who are taking turns into backing up GuardiaN on the fragging department. At a times, GuardiaN is not even needed, as the trio of flamie, seized and Edward go bunkers themselves. This team is definitely full of talent and consistency!


flamie seized Zeus GuardiaN  Edward
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Strongest Maps
de_mirage de_dust2 de_inferno
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de_nuke  de_cobblestone
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de_overpass  de_cache
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