Team SoloMid

Team SoloMid (TSM)


At the time of writing, TSM, also known as ex-dignitas, are the most promising contender for fnatic’s throne of being the best team in the world. Ever since karrigan joined the team, Danes have reached heights like never before, scoring notable 1st place finishes in tournaments such as CS:GO championship series, Fragbite Master season 4 and FACEIT 2015 Stage 2 finals. Although, there exists an argument that with recent success of CIS powerhouse Natus Vincere, they are the number two team in the world and the main contender for the title of being the worlds best, TSM is the only team in the scene, who can constantly put up a fight vs the swedish giants (fnatic).

All in all – this is the most dominant Danish roster seen in the modern era of CS:GO! The likes of device, cajunb and dupreeh (recently) are surely on par with other top players in the world and can dominate the game by themselves when they are on their A-game. Karrigan has a unique quality of being an intelligent IGL as well as very good AWP player. Speaking of Xyp9x – the community always gives hard time to support players and Xyp9x, more or less, is no exception. But, seeing him so focused during the actual events, and being on point when it matters the most (stable fragging, good in clutch situations) I can surely say that he is a crucial part of Team SoloMid!


dupreeh device Xyp9x  karrigan cajunb
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Strongest Maps
de_nuke de_inferno de_mirage
CSGO de_nuke // 150w // 100w // 90w // 32w" sizes="(max-width: 200px) 100vw 200px" /> de_inferno  de_mirage


de_cobblestone de_dust2
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de_overpass de_cache
CSGO de_overpass // 150w // 100w // 90w // 32w" sizes="(max-width: 200px) 100vw 200px" />  CSGO de_cache