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Current Titan roster is the secondary product of French shuffle 2015 (mid-summer). During the trading period, team EnVyUs acquired two of Titan’s most talented players (kennyS and apEX). With the change mentioned, EnVyUs no longer required the services of two of their players (shoxie and SmithZz). As the French scene is pretty small in terms of players who have experience playing the the highest level in CS:GO, Titan had no other choice but to hire the former EnVyUs duo to complete their roster and put themselves on the competitive CS:GO map once again.

Looking at the new Titan roster it’s safe to say that they will have a hard time adapting to the new roster as the last trade saw two of their most talented players exit the team and only one of the players (from two) that came to fill their shoes is actually capable of dropping 30 frags per game (shoxie). Meanwhile, SmithZz has always been a support type of a player and for him to switch his play-style at this point in time/his career within this level of competitiveness is gonna be practically impossible. The team definitely needs at least one more player to step up their game when shoxie has an off-day, but which one of Titan’s players is up for the task? RpK? Ex6TenZ? Maybe Maniac? Only time will tell! All in all – Titan is yet to find their factor of success!


SmithZz Maniac Ex6TenZ shoxie  RPK
EnVyUs SmithZz CSGO // 150w // 100w // 90w" sizes="(max-width: 179px) 100vw 179px" /> Titan Maniac Titan Ex6TenZ EnVyUs shox CSGO Titan RPK
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